Up Yours, Secretary Azar!


This shouldn’t take long, In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be typing this, but I’m pissed as hell, and wanted to get it out when my full Irish was up and burning white hot.

I just saw HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s little fireside chat with Chuck Todd today on Meet The Press. I ain’t up at 6 am PDT when the show airs. Full disclosure. I am not a fan of Alex Azar to start. He’s just another sycophantic, good for nothing, no resume flunky for Trump. But today he stepped over the line.

Todd took Azar to task on Trump’s steadfast refusal to mandate, or even recommend the wearing of masks in public. Aar responded that thanks to the incredible diligence of the American people, they virus had been held in check. You’ll notice that there was no mention of Trump in Azar’s proud declaration. But then, when pressed by Todd, Azar went off of the rails. He stated that without the swift action of the Trump administration, more than 2 million American lives could have been lost without proper preventative techniques.

My political pundit patron saint, St Jon of Stewart, drilled through my head, When you smell bullshit, call bullshit. OK Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit! During the entire coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has never advocated one, single, common sense preventative measure for the American public to use to combat it. Exactly the opposite, in his demands that states shuttering for the safety of their citizens to reopen as soon as possible, Trump has advocated to give the virus free rein.

But the thing that stuck in my craw was Azar’s blithe assertion that the speedy response of the Trump administration had saved some 2 million American lives. This is not just a lie, it is utter blasphemy. Because, as Alex Azar, one of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters well knows, the exact opposite is true.

Late last week, first Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, followed by Joy Ann Reid of the same network, graphically showed that the Trump administration has embarked on a new course of action where the coronavirus is concerned. And that course of action is no action at all. The Trump administration has decided to go with the theory of a total quack radiologist, but FUX News darling named Scott Atlas that herd immunity is the way to go. Basically, it means, fuck it, let everybody in the country contract the virus, and the ones that survive will be immune, and the virus will die out.

There’s only one small problem with that theory. Using current medical statistical data, under the rosiest possible conditions, which include somehow or other magically bringing the mortality rate from the virus from 3% down to 1%. 2.6 million Americans would die. But if the morbidity rate for the virus remains constant at 3%, that means that 6.7 million Americans would die to achieve Atlas’s treasured herd immunity. I hate to remind people that 7 million Jews were exterminated by the mass genocide.

As the Secretary of Health and Human Services, there is no way that Alex Azar is out of the loop in the current administration plan for dealing with the virus. And as such, he cannot be ignorant of the human carnage that would result from President Trump’s latest brain fart. And yet, he continues to go on network television, and spout out pixie dust platitudes about the marvels of the administrations efforts to curb the carnage to human like. To which I can only say, Fuck you Alex Azar! And the horse you rode in on!

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Chris Whitley

Trump in his infinite wisdom has recently come to state that he has saved two million lives. How he figures this is beyond me as actually I got more faith in a fence post in my backyard than in anything trump puts Kentucky fried greasy little fingers on. But I did see that. One or the other must have thought this line up.


Trump hasnt saved a soul, he has murdered over 200K now….