Melania and Barron are probably having a great holiday, but they really shouldn’t have left Individual 1 alone in the White House. He’s cranky, bored, and without adult supervision. For example, he’s still stewing about the resignation letter he got (but clearly did not read) from outgoing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. In case you missed it, here’s a summation:

Even though this letter was delivered directly to Trump’s desk, mind you, it took the idiot manchild in chief two days before he apparently bothered to read the thing, and by read the thing we mean Donald Trump likely still hasn’t read it, but he instead saw people on his television describing how insulting the letter was, upon which Trump got very upset because he’s an uncontrollable malignant narcissist whose only world interactions revolve around whether other people are praising him or not praising him and when even his Fox News shows are tittering about the public thumping Mattis delivered unto Dear Leader it is absolutely certain that the sociopath in the White House is going to melt All The Way Down.

Trump is still fuming about this and every other thing under the sun, but mostly he’s mad that he’s still getting bad press on Mattis, and it’s even worse now that we all know he’s incapable of understanding the written word. He tweeted this morning that the criticism he’s getting from Republican senators is because they “think I don’t like or appreciate being allied with other countries, they are wrong, I DO.” (Their actual problem is the countries he wants to be allied with.) The problem is that these “allies,” he says, are basically freeloaders and that makes him really mad and that’s why he fired Mattis. “General Mattis did not see this as a problem. I DO, and it is being fixed!”

See, it totally was Trump’s idea for Mattis to go. He was so angry and determined to confront the general about this troubling difference in worldviews that he had to tell Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to fire him.

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