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The Washington Post has an article about a very serious topic: sending 1,000 more American troops to Afghanistan to help stabilize the region. Trump and military officials have quietly nearly doubled the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan:

Military officials said that some troops, particularly at the headquarters level, might come out of Afghanistan as new forces move into the theater and that they expect the total force this spring to be about 15,000 troops.

Trump’s plan for the war increased the number of troops from 8,500 when he took office to about 14,000 today. The president also lifted restrictions on U.S. warplanes, triggering a major spike this winter in airstrikes aimed at Taliban formations and its leadership.

Regional partners are critical to gaining control in Afghanistan, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has supported Donald Trump and his plan. According to WaPo, Trump was impressed with Modi’s guidance, but just couldn’t resist mocking him while talking to senior officials:

Senior administration officials said that the president has been known to affect an Indian accent and imitate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in an Oval Office meeting last year told him, “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return” as the United States in Afghanistan.

To Trump, Modi’s statement was proof that the rest of the world viewed the United States as being duped and taken advantage of in Afghanistan, these officials said.

It’s another in a long line of documented cases of Donald Trump mocking people of color. Late last year, while discussing Puerto Rico, he did a mock accent. On live television.

Here he is in 1993 mocking Native Americans:

All told, this is just another in a very long list of reasons why Donald Trump is unserious and grossly unfit to be the highest diplomat representing the United States. Everyone in his orbit, even supporters, eventually get mocked and burned. 

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