Unhingery Sunday continues as Trump implies his 33.1% of the Reichstag will keep him in power

Planning, plotting, distracting and deflecting are all typical Sunday tasks for our current *resident…Along with playing yet another day of golf.  Of course.

“There is no doubt Trump will soon start raising the specter that the 2020 election is going to be rigged against him, thus attempting to lay a dubious legal groundwork for his refusal to leave office if he is defeated. After all, if he loses, it is highly unlikely that he would retire to a life of philanthropy or building houses, as former Presidents have done. Instead, he and those closest to him may face years of litigation on issues ranging from their relationship with Russia to a variety of questionable real estate dealings. For Trump, the best — and perhaps only — way to avoid the wheels of justice turning against him is to remain in office. In that context, it is very possible that Trump will conjure up whatever rationale is required to hold onto office.” (NYDailyNews)

Individual-1 “trolls the libs” again by trying to keep his base excited.

Over $106 million spent on 196 days of golf. Perhaps he got Father’s Day cards from his kids.

Some fatherly advice. pic.twitter.com/Q0srYUl8go— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) June 16, 2019

Four years ago this afternoon, I reviewed Trump’s campaign launch announcement for accuracy. https://t.co/R13kqHeaUH pic.twitter.com/Vabk4jNmMo
— Philip Bump (@pbump) June 16, 2019

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Such an arrogant bastard


Arrogance mixed in with Stupidity, petulance and dishonesty.