Unfettered Gibberish, Thoughtlessness: Just 48 Hours Later


Trump continued to trample all over the newspapers set out to absorb his stuff at the G7 meetings in the  otherwise-perfect south of France. It isn’t news to write that he appeared to tie himself into a noose during his bleats to the press. But, these particular utterings have bigger ramifications that ripple around the globe. As I wrote Friday, he had reached a tipping point. Forty-eight hours later, he’s descending faster than even the most cynical among us could imagine.

Astoundingly, he appeared to demonstrate some humanity in admitting to a reporter that he’d had “second thoughts” about the trade war with China and his latest actions.

“Yeah, sure, why not?”

Then he followed up in a way that caused everyone to check into which dimension they’d been flung.

“Might as well. Might as well,” he said, when asked again. “I have second thoughts about everything.”

Seeing as how he has no second thoughts about anything, ever, do I even have to add the “but”?

That is right, his only regret is not being more “himself” in punishing the world with his madness. “I regret being so unusually tepid. It goes against everything I believe in, which is me, and doing the most “me” as possible.” He did not say, but might as well have.

As I reported, breathlessly, yesterday – Trump confirmed that he believes he has the authority to order U.S. companies to end business with China. But – look out – he didn’t have any “plans” to do so right now.

Which brings us back around to wondering what he could possibly have been thinking when he actually did, appear, to tweet out a “hereby” direct order?

He then went on to summarily get “owned” by best pal Boris Johnson, the U.K.’s own version of Donald Trump.

The press asked Trump if the G7 nations put any pressure upon him to end his trade wars, to which he arrogantly stated, “No,” they had not, but then needed to really show his moxie: “Nobody would tell me that.”

Having just declared himself beyond being questioned, that no one had that right or boldness, Boris – on behalf of the U.K. and sane people everywhere, said “Hold my beer.” It is this easy:

Just to register a faint sheeplike note of our view on the trade war: we’re in favor of trade peace on the whole, and dialing it down if we can.

We think that, on the whole, the U.K. has profited massively in the last 200 years from free trade, and that’s what we want to see … we don’t like tariffs on the whole.:

Note to Boris, I know you’re new, and near as despicable as Trump, but there’s nothing “sheeplike” about your statement, more “cruise missile-like” and far more sensible. Boris made the comment sitting right flipping next to Trump, which no Republican here dares to do.

By the way, you know your nation is fukt when Boris Johnson sounds like Aristotle compared to your “leader.”

Forty-eight hours of utter madness, and this particular madness didn’t occur under the womp-womp of chopper blades. It wasn’t directed at Elizabeth Warren. Nope, this consequential stuff came on the biggest stage in the world. It came during and around meetings with the seven most powerful Western nations, those nations with economies that can send the world reeling into chaos.

As I have said before, this is unsustainable, he has reached a tipping point from which he’ll never recover. But it’s not “just” personal to him, this time. He is screwing with big money, everyone’s money. Every acre of farmland in Iowa is worth less today than when Trump took office. But now, every stock sold is teetering on the brink of a fall, which means every dollar in your pocket or equity in your home could be set to fall. That is what recessions do.

His insanity has caused direct loss to farmers before, but it came during an expanding economy on the whole. Thus, it was tolerated. This is far worse because it causes instability that will hurt people across the nation.

The end began on Friday, and it took only forty-eight hours to really pick up speed. There is nowhere in the world to hide anymore, as Trump is proving on the biggest stage.


Peace, y’all.





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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

What I can’t understand is not one damn Republican has spoken up about how disgraceful this idiot is. He’s representing them and they allow him to look stupid world wide.