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After incorrectly describing a basic economic concept on Tuesday, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has become the latest target of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s razor sharp and rapid-fire social media game. Walker has a lot of time on his hands since current Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’s November victory crushed his dreams of a third term, and he apparently just spent some of it deceiving elementary students. America’s Worst Governor™ attempted to shame AOC’s recent calls for a marginal tax rate on the wealthy by flaunting the fifth-grade reaction to his wholly inaccurate explanation of the freshman congresswoman’s proposal.

Yes, even fifth graders get it, but there’s an inherent flaw in Walker’s economic lesson: It’s completely inaccurate.

Before spreading misinformation to ten-year-olds, and certainly before taking to Twitter, the Blue Wave casualty really should have cracked open a basic econ textbook, or even checked with Professor Google. Just a teensy bit of information seeking on Walker’s part could have allowed these poor Wisconsin children to better understand how the government is funded and how taxation actually works. Instead, these unwitting students were forced to endure Scotty’s Super Mansplain Story Hour.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, true to form, took the currently-idle and always corrupt Walker to school on Twitter, handily re-working his faulty analogy.

That, of course, is how yet another AOC-obsessed Republican got #Ocasiowned, a wildly catchy and accurate hashtag that first originated during her campaign last summer, but began to gain steam in December as Ocasio-Cortez continued, day after day, to shut down those trying to discredit her with strange and irrelevant criticisms and anything but actual facts.

While Ocasio-Cortez isn’t perfect and has made mistakes in the past, it’s undeniable that the GOP and right-wing media are so disturbed—and frightened—by the history-making Latina’s success, they just can’t help themselves when it comes to their nearly-constant attempts to discredit her.

Unfortunately for these inept critics (and fortunately for her fans and fellow progressives), AOC continues to shut that whole thing down, again and again, and again. A recent study confirmed that it’s Ocasio-Cortez and Trump who come out on top when it comes to Twitter engagement. Speaking of Individual-1, the New York Democrat isn’t afraid to take him on, either.

Arguably, the endless Republican uproars have unintended consequences: The increased attention actually benefits Ocasio-Cortez and her “radical” ideas.

So, as long as the GOP hunt for a successful Ocasio-Cortez takedown continues to be “a thing” so will the inevitable moment when, in 280 characters or less, these folks are going to get #Ocasiowned.

The only question that remains is when will the AOC critics realize they can’t win this war? Surely even a fifth grader would “get it” by now.

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