Remember the stories about Mike Flynn trying to set up a deal for building nuclear reactors in the Mideast using Russian uranium and having security provided by the US military.  A deal worth lots and lots of money?

Well maybe we’ve found part of the reason for all the distracting stuff that has come out the last two days.

An important indictment was unsealed today against Mike Lambert who heads a uranium transportation company in Maryland that transports  uranium around the US.  He was charged with trying to bribe Vadim Mikiren, a Russian official at a company called TENEX, a subsidiary of Rosatom, which is the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium.  Rosatom is the Russian company mentioned in the emails between Flynn and Alex Copson when they were trying to put together the deal around the time of the inauguration.  In order to complete the deal, of course, sanctions against Russia would have had to be lifted  and the US military via, say, the Commander in Chief, would have to provide security.

Another tidbit.  The lawyer for Rosatom in 2015 was Scott Balber, who is now the lawyer for Emin and Aras Agalarov of Trump-Tower-meeting-with-Russians fame.  He was also previously one of Trump’s many lawyers as well as the Miss Universe organization.  Funny how all these interconnections seem to pop up around Russian issues.

And remember all of Jared’s trips to Saudi Arabia?  Did those have something to do with all this?

Also of interest is that this Alex Copson was also trying to do a big deal for nuclear plants in Alabama.  www.al.com/…  using the Russia/US consortium, and as far as I can figure like a training ground for the Saudi Arabia project.  He specifically mentions that the two then Senators from Alabama (although he didn’t mention Shelby or Sessions by name) could work with the “new administration’ to move the project along.

Between these projects and trying to reopen the Exxon/Russia deal it is staggering to think how much money could have been made by people who were not too concerned about legality or working against the interests of the US.

Do you smell rats?  I think this will turn out to be a big, if complicated story/scandal and supersede the Clinton Uranium one story.

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