Um, Officers? Since You’re Obviously Not Listening

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Consider this your official warning, You’re ALL under the microscope!  And it’s going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets better, so the sooner you get the memo, and at least appear to get with the program, the easier this is going to be for all of you.

It was the heavy handed and senseless death of George Floyd that kicked off this latest round of protests. But this time it was so over the top that it actually spawned a movement about reforming policing instead of just settling for getting justice for the victim. And in response, what did you guys do to put out the fire?

Oh jeez, I dunno. How about getting caught on video shooting a grandmother in California between the eyes with a bean bag? How about shoving a 75 year old man in Buffalo to the ground so violently that he cracked his head on the pavement, knocked cold and bleeding from the ear, and in serious but stable condition today. And just to top it off, why not knock some random guy who you don’t like filming your latest excessive force to the ground, cracking his head open and sending him right back to the hospital he works at for 7 staples to the gourd?

Please tell me, because I’d really like to know, how can you be so fucking stupid? Jesus, you’re cops, you should know better! Even pickpockets know enough to move to a different street when he sees a cop looking at him too closely, but you clowns insist in swaggering around like a bunch of outlaw bikers pulling into a one stoplight town.

And you’re only making it worse for yourselves. Atlanta just stiffened the rules for the use of body cams, and the penalties for having them off without authorization. Not only is the city of Minneapolis about to outlaw all forms of choke holds for use in the field,  ft you pissed them off to the point that they’re also writing a rule mandating that any officer on a scene immediately intervene if he sees an excessive use of force, or face sanctions him or herself.

It’s that last one that’s really going to hurt, because it potentially pits good cops against bad cops. And it’s not like I’m anti cop or anything, I come from a cop family. My grandfather and an uncle were both career Chicago cops. And personally, I honestly believe that the number of good cops far outnumbers the bad ones. But when department regulations put good cops at risk of losing their pay and bennies to a suspension, and that rap on their jacket, it’s going to lead to some friction in the field.

And do us all a favor, don’t start whining about citizen intimidation and harassment. Hell, it’s not like we’re hiding in doorways and behind cars, secretly following you guys around, and filming you in dark alleys or something. You’re pulling this shit right out in plain sight, and many times in broad daylight! If you hate the fact that every time you get out of a car to grab a coke from a deli, everybody on the street whips out their cell phones, consider the fact that it wouldn’t be that way if y’all hadn’t created the atmosphere.

Look, as a reformed smoker of 40 years, I know how hard old habits can be to break, believe me. But these changes are coming soon to a precinct near you. As the epicenter of the latest outrage, Minneapolis is the petri dish for these fledgling reform measures. And as long as they keep coming up with simple, effective, common sense reforms that can be put in place without legislative action, they’re going to do it. And once they do, other cities are going to copy them, and create individualized rules of their own, if for no better reason than to keep protesters off of their own asses.

This is going to hurt, there’s no question about that. Nobody likes being told that they have to stop doing something they’ve been doing for years, and do something else instead. But somewhere along the line, you lost sight of the fact that we are not the enemy, it’s the criminals who are the enemy. It’s time to get back to basics. Why not try this. When you don your uniform in the morning, why not try putting on a smile instead of an attitude? It couldn’t hurt.

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Cops are paramilitary newts that didn’t have their lame asses kicked often enough growing up. It’s never too late.

Jeb Barrett
Jeb Barrett

I believe that all we are looking for and expecting is accountability and responsibility by all parties, all persons. So-called “macho” threat and intimidation only escalates conflict. There has to be a better way to meet and resolve situations as adults.


I once heard a cop say he became one because he didn’t like to be told what to do. And there it is.


I think it goes back to recruiting. Clearly the checking of candidates isn’t rigorous enough and they’ll take just anyone who can tie up their shoe laces.