UK’s Youth Protest Trump’s Climate Change Stance w/Crop Circle-esque Artwork


No wonder Donald Trump was tweeting mean things about Sadiq Khan right before he landed. The trolling of Trump in the UK began while Air Force One was still in the air. An art student mowed the words “climate change is real” along with a picture of an immense polar bear, where Trump could see it on the flight path into London. Reuters:

Ollie Nancarrow, 18, spent the weekend cutting the message in huge letters into the lawn of his family home near Hatfield Heath in Essex, about 40 miles (65 km) northeast of London.

In a bid to grab more attention at the start of the three-day state visit to Britain, Nancarrow also wrote “Oi Trump” and mowed a penis into another field, while other young climate activists prepared to join marches and protests in London.

“I decided to mow the message because Trump especially, but many leaders from across the entire world, refuse to believe in climate change and refuse to do anything about climate change,” Nancarrow told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone.

“They worry about all these other issues but none of that matters if we don’t fix the climate first.”

Good for these young people taking a stance. They’re in an unenviable position trying to wake up a bunch of old fools who have let things get to this stage.

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