Sitting in the comforts of my home in Tucson (AZ), I feel the world is crumbling apart from the 30 days of non-stop destruction in Ukraine.  How is this even possible in a modern civilized world that supposedly lives by rules that we follow as a community of nations.  Unfortunately the rule breakers like Putin don’t have any constraints on his madness for empire building (or destroying).

Last night I decided to make my statement using rocks and painting them to reflect my strong desire for Peace not War.  So I went out to my own front yard and found the prettiest rocks I could find (which isn’t hard in Tucson) and I painted them up with a can of spray paint and metallic markers and they express my sentiments for Peace. 

I painted up 10 of these field rocks and this morning I went and let them loose up and down my street under trees and one sign for the bus stop.  I’m right across from a middle school and the kids from the school, the dog walkers, the students from the University of Arizona (3 blocks from the University) are all going to cross paths with these “Peace Rocks” and I’ll go out and visit them later to see if they are still sitting or maybe they are going to travel to another space.

Easy peasy to paint rocks and my street now is hosting the rocks and hopefully today will be a good beginning to the end of this conflict with NATO coming down on Putin with their own messages for Peace.

Ukrainian Peace Rock reposing under a tree.

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