In the news today: President Joe Biden gives a powerful defense of the decision to withdraw from the nation’s “forever war” in Afghanistan. Another fascist House Republican hints violence may be necessary to combat election “fraud” that his party made up—entirely—as an excuse for Trump’s well-deserved loss. The Biden administration is now probing five states, all Republican-led, to determine if dangerous state bans prohibiting mandatory masking during an ongoing pandemic constitute civil rights violations.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Biden declares he ‘was not going to extend this forever war’ in powerful, historic speech

The U.S. left behind a lot in Afghanistan, but it did not leave $83 billion in military hardware

A Republican lawmaker is calling for violence. What are his party’s leaders going to say about it?

Education Department opens civil rights inquiries into five GOP-led states banning mask mandates

Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan can’t stop obsessing over the election fraud they never found

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