U.S. Cyber Command: “Trump Has Not Given Permission to Stop Russia”


In the future, I find it highly possible that historians will look back upon Donald Trump with as much pity as anger, but I dearly hope historians hold the Republicans who heard today’s testimony from the Cyber-Command, that the U.S. president has not directed any actions to defend the country, the Republicans who then did nothing should be held out as treasonous in the truest sense of the word.

We are moving beyond even needing to find a crime of collusion. At this point, Trump need be impeached over sheer incompetence and “presumed co-opted” or “presumed blackmailed” something to that effect. This is akin to FDR looking upon the devastation of Pearl Harbor and doing nothing.

Indeed, if one concentrates on the implications and logical consequences of the cyber-attack, THIS Russian attack on our electoral politics is far more likely to cause lasting devastation than the attack at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese were never going to land on the Pacific coast and march to DC. The Russians may not need to, because they can get their people elected who will do the work for them, as Trump appears to be doing right now.


“We have been attacked and there are a lot of us that feel like we are still being attacked and that we’re going to be attacked particularly with regard to our elections,” Nelson explained. “So, what’s the holdup?”

“The challenge for us is right now we have this thing called the law,” Rogers replied. “And the legal framework shapes what DOD can and cannot do.”

“What do you need as the commander to say go after and punish these guys that are trying to tear apart our critical infrastructure?” Nelson pressed.

“I need a policy decision that indicates that there’s specific direction to do that,” Rogers said. “The secretary [of defense] would ultimately make a recommendation to the president… and then based on that, we’d be given specific direction and specific authority.”

“So you need a direction and specific authority from the White House?” Nelson remarked.

“The president ultimately would make this decision,” Rogers stated.

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Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason

We are getting what we asked for. Did ANYONE believe that Donnie John could handle this job adequately? If it won’t pump up his ego or make a profit, he just won’t care!


Dump Trump, the joke is over.
Enough of Greed, Lies, and Corruption.
Time for a Leader…. Not a used car salesman.