Two People, Outside Government, Could and Likely Will, Take Trump Down

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Of course, there are any number of people who control information that would destroy Trump and his presidency, perhaps even his personal freedom. But, nearly all of the “typical” people who could topple the administration are within the administration, or outside this country. However, there are two people who work outside of government, two people without any secret inside information, could easily take Trump down with ease and speed.

Rupert and Lachlan Murdock.

The two people who control Fox News, known by some to be “Trump TV” are inextricably tied to Trump’s fate. Like Pompeo and Barr, the Murdoch future is hinging upon the correct determination as to when to jump off the S.S. Trump, as it careens recklessly through a sea of icebergs.

Obviously, Rupert sold his soul long ago, pumping up Trump to loyal viewers, harvesting advertising dollars that go straight into the Murdoch family bank account. But, Lachlan, the younger Murdoch, must necessarily focus upon the long-term Fox future. Lachlan cannot allow the network to cross the Trump event horizon, that black hole that eventually sucks in everyone who blindly revolves around Trump. Lachlan must navigate the situation such that he knows when to blast off tp a safer and more stable orbit.

Without “Trump TV” propaganda to manipulate each new shocking revelation, Trump is, quite literally, sunk.

As noted in a great column in Rawstory:

Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch decide what propaganda gets sold as news on the Fox cable channel. They helped create the false image of Trump the great leader. Their compliant and highly paid program hosts have sustained Trump, attacking anyone who challenges the president, riling up his base. But the relationship between the network and Trump has been fraying for months. Now may be the time for the Murdochs to finally let it unravel.

I agree.

We have noted over and over that the Trump movement resembles a cult, perhaps it is a cult (look at the way Qanon became “mainstream” within the supporters). Like any cult, the leader does no wrong, and is never questioned. But, as we’ve said, cults do not last forever, and the moment something pierces a cult leader’s invulnerability, the movement folds, blindingly fast, and nothing the leader does can save it.

The Murdochs, for whatever else they may be, are not stupid, and understand the dynamic all too well. They will not risk their golden empire attempting to prop-up a man committed to destroying himself and the nation he “leads.”

Additionally, unlike real news organizations, the Murdochs control the “news” slant at Fox with an iron grip.

If the Murdochs direct the entertainer Sean Hannity to stop with his ludicrous assaults on Trump critics, then Hannity will. If they give new scripts to the actors playing journalists on Fox & Friends they will follow those scripts. If they generally signal to Fox News and Fox Business hosts that Trump is persona non grata they will get the message and repeat it.

That is what makes Fox unlike legitimate news organizations where editors or producers w,ho try to issue such orders would at best be refused and at worst be forced out. This Murdochian style can be adopted to benefit our nation.

Does anyone doubt the summation?

Think about what Fox has to lose. After years of extolling Trump’s perfection, and the lunacy of Trump’s critics, how would the network recover if some of the previously unquestioned heroes, people like Pompeo, Pence, and – of course – Trump himself – get exposed with undeniable evidence of self-dealing, extortion, evidence that they willingly sold their country out to benefit themselves personally, even over the Republican party?

The legitimacy of the network that lifted Trump up to near deity status will be working for a decade to regain viewer trust.

It is all to easy to lump all Trump supporters into the same category, unthinking automatons, supporting the blowhard until the bitter end, and even after. Certainly, too many fit the description. But nowhere near all. If only half of Trump’s supporters are suddenly sickened, suddenly see that the emperor has no clothes, and that half notes that it was Fox that made fools out of them, they will move on, getting their news elsewhere. Having one’s ratings cut by half, or even one third, could be a death knell.

These same people may call advertisers, asking those advertisers why they continue to fund an thoroughly anti-American agenda.

Right now, some intense meetings must be occurring among preciously few people, the two Murdochs, and perhaps a programming director. They must have a plan to deal with the threat looming over their heads and their fortune. Lachlan, in particular, needs to inherit a legitimate money-making “news” organization. He must know that the future depends upon when the “Trump-TV” era ends, and the “woke conservative” period begins.

The moment these two men, the Murdochs, determine that Trump just became bad for business, Trump’s “business” as president is over.

We will surely see more and more leaks in the coming week, take time to note if those leaks are first reported on Fox News. Some might originate, right on Trump TV. When, and if, it happens, you know that Trump’s days are numbered, in weeks, not months.

Last, it is probably good to understand and internalize just where we stand as a nation, one so manipulated by propaganda, that a media organization, controlled ruled ruthlessly by two agenda-driven men, could easily change the course of history.

That is frightening, because it is not supposed to happen in a democracy, which makes one question …

We will address that concern in another column.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and @MiciakZoom on Twitter.

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6 Comments on "Two People, Outside Government, Could and Likely Will, Take Trump Down"

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Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

It will be very interesting to see how Fox handles Trump’s and Pence’s impeachment.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
…It’s not often , large corporations are willing to go down with the ship , or fall on their sword. But maybe FOX WILL , although I think they will jump ship as soon as they “ see the light “ . They’ve walked a tight rope for months as it is . Many gone , and some are even against Trump by telling the truth about him. But they will (drum up )a good excuse for getting off Trumps band wagon soon, because Trump has nothing to use against them that’s new , like Putin ,has against Trump. …The… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley

Well fox won’t go down with the ship. Look at Laura Ingram, Jeanine Piero, and Tucker Carlson. They were yucking it up big time. Now they aren’t. All have lost their advertising. They all got time off. And fox has been around for a long time. Right now trump pays. It all goes south. Fox will persevere.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Yes , it’s probable that FOX WILL survive, but not with the cast they have today . .. ..They’ve gotten their heads above the grass , and are being sheared , because of their (love of Trump) . Are dying by TRUMP !
…Everything is changing at a rapid rate , and their followers are beginning. to peel off, as (Fox only )watchers . Hannity and (Tuck the puck ), will likely get bounced. The (angle of the dangle) is already toast .


I’m willing to bet Fox & the GOP are essentially the same entity. As in leadership. The vacuum left if & when they dump trump will only be filled by another GOP sycophant. Right wing is ratings, ratings are riches.
As for hannity ever ditching his bff, can’t see it. He has so much of an over zealous religious ‘bent’ to him, DT is the holy messiah. All powerful !! Hannity is as nasty as the dotard himself, nearly..only when the vacancy is filled with something as equally despicable will he once again be on his knees sucking slurpy’s.

chris whitley
chris whitley

You should look at what goes on. Hannity gets a check. Team trump goes south. Man writing Hannitys check says fox is done with that moron hannity starts looking for new messiah and falls in line. Younger Murdoch doesn’t like trump but it pays right now. Money makes world go around. Hannity making at least six figures spewing his bull. He ain’t going to get that flipping burgers.