Two of drump’s “Very Fine” White Supremacists Plead Guilty to Incitement to Riot in Charlottesville


(above: Rise Above Movement member Ben Daley (center) attacks a woman at the “Unite the Right” rally on Aug. 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Another RAM member, Michael Miselis, is in the baseball cap. (Photo by Jason Andrew)

Two more of drump’s “very fine” Neo-Nazis have pled guilty to conspiracy to riot (two others plead guilty earlier) during the August 2017 Charlottesville, Va. Unite The Right rally which received such vociferous praise from Mango Unchained with Mnuchin and Elaine Chao flanking him in support :

Buzzfeed News

“At least four white supremacists who were at the August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, have admitted that they attended the rally only to incite violence that would lead to riots, according to the Department of Justice.

Four members of a now-defunct California-based white supremacist group called Rise Above Movement have pleaded guilty to federal rioting charges in connection with the rally that sparked violence in the city on Aug. 11 and 12, 2017.

Two RAM members — Benjamin Drake Daley, 26, and Michael Paul Miselis, 30 — pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of conspiracy to riot in Charlottesville and in other political rallies in California. Two other RAM members, Cole White, 24, and Thomas Gillen, 25, have previously pleaded guilty to the same charge.

These white supremacists “trained to engage in violent confrontations and attended the Unite the Right Rally with the expectation of provoking physical conflict with counter-protestors that would lead to riots,” the FBI said on Friday.”

It was also revealed at the pleading that the Rise Above Movement  members bought athletic tape from Walmart upon arrival in Charlottesville to wrap their wrists (see Miselis in top photo) for protection during the anticipated fights.

And don’t labor under the  assumption that this was RAM’s first Rodeo:

“RAM regularly held hand-to-hand and other combat training for its members to prepare them to engage in violent confrontations at several purported political rallies and demonstrations in Virginia and California between March and August 2017, federal prosecutors said.”

Below is a RAM promotional video showing them prepping to assault young women counter-protesters in their lily white SoCal enclave.

Funny, I didn’t see any reference to Robert E. Lee in any of this source material….

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