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Trump has been acting increasingly erratic in the last couple of weeks, attacking the media, from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski to a symbolic CNN wrestler.

There is a rumor on Twitter circulating that would explain why Trump is acting crazier than usual and why he is lashing out at the media: the press is holding back on a bombshell story that will expose the Trump collusion with the Russians once and for all. And they are holding back in order to co-operate with Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The Twitter user @TeaPainUSA claims to have multiple sources of this information, which he outlined in a series of tweets today. He also claims that Trump knows that this story is waiting to be released, which is why he has been lashing out on Twitter. This would explain why Trump is acting like a caged animal, even though he is the leader of the free world.

Here is the content of the tweets, strung together:

1) Tea Pain can confirm from multiple sources that our press has damning intercepts that will expose Trump. The press outlets are …

2) working with Mueller’s investigation, holding these articles so as not to compromise their active sources.

3) Rest assured there is evidence of Trump wrongdoin’ and that it will cripple Trump’s presidency. This goes deep, friends.

4) It’s no longer a matter of if, but when. Tea Pain is confident Mueller’s team will ferret out all the weasels and justice will reign!

5) This is not “impeachment porn”, but are from solid, reliable sources. America deserves some good news on its birthday!

Later, he added another series of tweets with more details, which look like this put together:

1- In addition to this morning’s news, the nature of the story on hold involves sufficient info to end the collusion question.

2 – This story has been on hold for about a week, which coincides with Fox News trottin’ out their “Collusion isn’t a Crime” talkin’ points.

3 – This is not some “top secret” reveal. There have been numerous rumors from a number of independent sources.

4 – This also explains why Trump’s jumpier than a bobcat at a county fair. He knows it’s there, thus his elevated anti-media attacks.

Here are the tweets for the first thread:

And these are the tweets for the second thread:

I can’t comment on the credibility of Tea Pain, who appears to be a self-proclaimed political pundit, but it is an interesting rumor that has been circulating in the Twittersphere. 

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