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During the tedious, slightly unhinged interview Donald Trump did with Fox News’ right-wing wraith Laura Ingraham on Monday, Trump once against pushed the racial fearmongering of low income housing occupants coming to rape and murder white suburban housewives. “I know the serburbs [Trump literally pronounced it sir-burbs], and Westchester, right, was ground zero for what they were trying to do, okay? They were trying to destroy the suburban beautiful place. The American Dream, really.”

He proceeded to say Biden has said he’s going to ramp up low-income housing “at a much higher rate than it was before, and you know whose going to be in charge of it? Cory Booker, that’s gonna be nice, okay?” Okaaaaaaaay. The responses to this weak-sauce attempt at a race-baiting bit of fearmongering went over like a person asking a serious question at a White House press conference, and Twitter went to town.

Now that’s a fact.

Just sayin’.

I mean, personally I’m not a big fan of vegan cookies.

And then of course.

Video evidence of the plan to invade the suburbs.

And from the “I didn’t say it, but maybe I thought it” department.

A summary of the interview itself.

And then actor/director/producer Zach Braff gave an example of something you will never, for as long as you live, read or hear about Donald J. Trump.

And even Sen. Booker had something to say.

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  1. Isn’t the good doctor in charge as leader of federal housing programs BLACK? Don’t tell donnie. Actually do I understand he is also is cruel and incompetent. But it is isn’t because he is black . He is just another one of donnie’s apostles.


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