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I don’t normally obsess about Donald Trump’s appearance, but this was too good to pass up. Obviously Mr Trump was too lazy to try on his tuxedo before flying to London to see the Queen.

Is it just me, or does Deranged Donald look really pissed off that he is wearing such a ridiculous outfit?

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  1. Actually he didn’t take one with him so he had to go to the big and tall shop nearby and that was all they had available

  2. The Duchess of Cornwall , the Queen ,.., with the Duke of CORNPONE , Trump !!
    …Someone don’t like Trump !
    They wanted to hide his (midriff bulge ) ?
    ..Who could it be ? Maybe his wife , who told him he looks “ FABULOUS IN HIS TUX”?
    ..His trailer, who said “ Sir that’s sharp ? Maybe the Royal family? Who said F.U . Donnie.
    .. Who could it be ? … Aaaah it’s gotta that f…ing OBAMA . He snuck into my dressing room …Actually..I do look great ..wait till they get a load of me ,me,me,me..I look ( adorably ) ..incredible!!
    . ….Eat your heart out Obama !!


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