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Tommy Christopher is a White House press veteran and the editor of “The Response”. He counts twenty lies in Kelly’s defense of drumpf last Thursday.

“One particularly annoying facet of the way this has been covered is the way many outlets shy away from calling Kelly’s lies “lies” and the fact that even those who characterize it properly leave news consumers with the impression that he only told one lie.

Part of the media’s problem is that they confuse the lie with the liar. You can tell a lie without even knowing it, and while that arguably doesn’t make you a “liar,” the thing you said is still a lie.

Even in the case of “unintentional” lies, the effect is the same, and the lack of intent does not relieve the culpability for their telling, especially when the lies are such that the teller should have known or should have checked. Indifference to the truth is no less a crime than the intentional subversion of it.

So I will leave Gen. Kelly’s intent and character up to the reader. This is only about the lies themselves.”

Thanks for this handy guide, Tommy.

It’s a chore keeping track of their lies.

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