The net approval of Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has fallen 14 points in a little less than two months, according to a Morning Consult poll released this week. 

DeSantis’ approval rating in a survey taken June 22 – July 1 registered at 54%, with 40 disapproving of his performance. But in the outlet’s Aug. 21 – 30 poll, the Florida governor’s approval had leveled off considerably, 48% – 48%.

Apparently, it isn’t proving broadly popular for DeSantis to cater to the “individual liberties” crowd while treating the rest of his constituents like collateral damage on his way to winning the 2024 GOP nomination. 

The fallout has largely come from independents, where DeSantis suffered a double-digit slip, falling from 50% to 40% approval in the roughly two-month window. He’s now 11 points underwater with independents, 40% – 51%.

DeSantis also slipped a few points with Democrats (from 24% to 21% approval) and with Republicans (from 87% to 83% approval). Still, a little over 4 in 5 Republican voters in the Sunshine State think DeSantis is doing just swell.

Don’t expect DeSantis to go changin’, though. On Friday, he was back in court to appeal a ruling that undercut his statewide ban on in-school mask mandates. At least 13 of the the state’s 67 school districts have implemented masking requirements because children are dying and universal masking is the best way to keep students safe, especially those who aren’t eligible to get vaccinated. 

DeSantis also offered up some gems Friday on vaccines and public health. Asked about vaccine passport penalties, DeSantis said vaccines are only a personal choice, not a matter of public health. 

“It’s about your health and whether you want that protection or not, it really doesn’t impact me or anyone else,” he said. “My philosophy is, as a governor, my job is to protect your individual freedom. My job is not to protect corporate freedom. That is not what I’m here for.”

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  1. We need to make this AS$HOLE a ONE term Governor. That will assure he won’t run for the Presidency.
    If he can’t win in his own state how could he run for the Big Job?
    Time for a Democratic Governor and Democrats Up and Down the ballot box to straighten this state up!


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