Welcome to your Saturday morning crazy. We are now learning that Jeffrey Clark, author of the would-be DOJ memo to Georgia, had some other nutso ideas. CNN has a new article up today:

How a Trump environmental lawyer tried to weaponize the Justice Department to help the President

By late December, as Trump and his allies pushed conspiracies about alleged irregularities that he claimed stole the election from him, Clark told senior Justice officials that he knew of sensitive information that indicated Chinese intelligence used special kinds of thermometers to change results in machines tallying votes, people briefed on the matter said. The Justice Department by then had made clear it found no evidence of vote-changing in the election. [emphasis added]

. . .

“I would like to have your authorization to get a classified briefing tomorrow from ODNI led by DNI Radcliffe on foreign election interference issues,” Clark began his email, “hackers have evidence (in the public domain) that a Dominion machine accessed the Internet through a smart thermostat with a net connection trail leading back to China. ODNI may have additional classified evidence.”

The DNI actually agreed to do a classified briefing because:

At Rosen’s request, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe provided the briefing, which drew on classified findings not yet public that showed there was no evidence that foreign interference had affected vote tallies. Rosen and other officials had acceded to his request for a classified briefing out of belief it could put a stop to his unfounded claims of election fraud, according to some of the sources.

It didn’t work:

A person who previously worked with him says Clark was the type of lawyer who took “no” to be an intellectual challenge to be proven wrong rather than a final answer.

Question: Is this an improvement over the Italian satellite notion?

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