Tucker Carlson’s motherload of chaos agents: this week it’s Glenn Greenwald defending Steven Crowder

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Glenn Greenwald went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program today to defend RW comedian Stephen Crowder and the attack on journalist Carlos Maza. Massive flame war and pie-fightery has ensued with much troll-bottism on Twitter with claims and counter-claims of snowflakery.

New York (CNN Business)Carlos Maza, a video journalist who works for Vox, is speaking out after YouTube declined to ban the videos of Steven Crowder, a prominent right-wing personality who Maza says used the platform to attack him with homophobic and racist slurs. The company did say it would demonetize the videos, meaning Crowder can’t make money off of ads, for “continued egregious actions that have harmed the broader community.”


On May 30, Maza tweeted a video compilation of clips collected over a number of years in which Crowder and his co-hosts respond to Maza’s popular “Strikethrough” series — a media criticism show that often takes on right-wing media. In Crowder’s YouTube videos, they describe Maza in starkly homophobic terms such as “little queer,” and the “Mr. Gay Vox,” and “the gay Latino from Vox,” and also include attacks on his ethnicity, such as calling him an “anchor baby.”

Crowder was demonetized from YouTube for a number of phobic remarks in the name of comedy including overt racism and Islamophobia.

GREENWALD: “It would never occur to me to run to social media companies to beg for censorship? In part it comes with the territories of being a public figure. I don’t want to live in a world where our discourse is policed and determined by overlords who run silicone valley companies and will always cater to the most powerful faction. That’s what happened. YouTube caved in defense of the powerful one who works for a major media company. That’s what they will always do. Defend the mob and the powerful at the expense of those who are marginalized.”

Like the Russian syncretic support of other RW activities, useful idiocy includes Greenwald who gets more amplification by being on Carlson’s programs. This activity resembles the problems posed by digital scofflaws like Milo Yiannopoulos and Jacob Wohl in their defense of hateful speech and manipulation of terms of service. More odd is the ratio’d identity war where Greenwald defends Crowder against Maza because “journalism”.

In June 2019, YouTube investigated Crowder for using racist and homophobic slurs targeting Carlos Maza in multiple comedic videos reacting to the Vox series Strikethrough, which Maza hosts. Maza claimed that Crowder’s fans have doxxed and harassed him.[26] Crowder has repeatedly stated[citation needed] that he did not endorse any kind of doxing and specifically condemned anyone who might resort to such behaviour. According to Vox Media‘s The Verge, Crowder’s videos “routinely contain egregious violations of YouTube’s policies against cyberbullying.”[27] Crowder responded with a video where he said that the investigation was a “war we will fight to the bitter end” and “this is an example of a giant, multinational media conglomeration … attempting to squash a competitor.” He also stated that his use of racist and homophobic slurs was “playful ribbing” as part of a late-night comedic channel.[28][29]

However, YouTube concluded that “we found language that was clearly hurtful,” but “the videos as posted don’t violate our policies”. YouTube found that Crowder did not encourage his viewers to harass or dox Maza either on Youtube or other platforms and that the main point of his video was to respond to opinion.[30] YouTube did suspend his channel’s monetization, citing community guidelines, but the decision to not suspend his channel drew considerable criticism.[31]


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