Broadcasting from Hungary, Tucker Carlson symbolized the poison of Euro-centric anti-immigrant racism by touting a country that also has universal healthcare and strict gun laws. It is an autocratic trope fronted by Seb Gorka and blessed by Murdoch’s Fox News. Putting the crypt in cryptofascism.





Steve Schmidt’s historical footnote will be associated with Sarah Palin, but the reality of 2021’s GOP has been defined by Russia’s revenge for “losing” the Cold War, by inserting a large and orange poison pill into the US executive branch. Trump is not a corpulent Nixon as much as he’s a spear catcher in a Reagan movie.


around intentions and beliefs. Actions, that just moments before, remained hidden in a mist of purposeful concealment are revealed. @TuckerCarlson in Hungary, slandering the character of the American people with a not so subtle rejection of American democracy thrown in is such a moment. It seems so obvious now, the inevitability of the overt embrace of a replacement theory for the American system of Government.

A great and brilliant bloom of fascism, undressed, naked and in the open has blossomed across America and Europe this week. @TuckerCarlson solved a very difficult dilemma for the American Nationalist cause, Trump its’ leader, and millions of its devotees by clarifying what it is they believe in this week. 

@TuckerCarlson understood they stood on indefensible terrain and needed to move to new ground. He knew that they could be undone by a great contradiction. How could they continue to embrace democracy and pluralism while subverting it with poisonous lies? It’s so obvious with the perspective of hindsight.

They have dropped democracy from the equation and have declared there is a replacement,  a better system, a better way. It will embrace freedom and a defense of civilization as its cause. In the name of freedom it will establish an intellectual framework to justify minority rule and the distribution of power amongst a few over a lesser than majority.

The power of the state is supreme over the individual in this replacement system. Only in a democracy is the individual more powerful than the state. @newtgingrich has fully embraced white supremacist replacement theory on @FoxNews and he isn’t alone. Dozens of conservative writers are authoring manifestos for the New Right.

I believe @TuckerCarlson means every word. He has the skills and the platform to spread this poison to every crevice in the country. This must be confronted. Now. Immediately. It must be opposed by all and any peaceful means. There are more people in America that believe in democracy than fascism, but that is not the question. The question is what side has the most people who care enough to show up and vote. I worry about the answer. 

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“Totalitarianism appeals to the very dangerous emotional needs of people who live in complete isolation and in fear of one another.” — Hannah Arendt


  • … This system is a hierarchy, the “vertical of power,” wherein Putin manages patronage networks in government agencies, state-owned enterprises and private businesses. These elements govern together as an oligarchy with the authority and protection of law… 2/ 
  • As Russia’s state-sponsored oligarchy seeks to compete economically and politically with the West…it will be important for the Biden administration to establish whether the Kremlin has a strategy to apply corruption as a tool of statecraft… 3/ 
  • Russian “foreign policy is driven by a state-sponsored oligarchy shaped by historical, economic, normative, & geopolitical factors. These systemic considerations can make it difficult to differentiate when Russian state and non-state actors are colluding in foreign countries… 4/ 

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