So, as I am going through Twitter, I notice that Beau of the Fifth column has this picture of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Bio.

Yes, at the bottom of this Bio he lists his Her Pronouns as She. OKAY???

Yes, I realize that he She is being a F’ing horrible troll and thinks he She is just too cute for his Her own good, so fine he She is getting dragged and Ratio’d like he She should be. Yes, there are folks going “Well fine if wants her pronouns as She/Hers it is fine, we well call him Her She.

Personally I would be more Satisfied if they put him Her in sturdy barrel and had it drug by ten wild horses with diarrhea through the Town Square at high noon, but fantasies are fantasies and not realty.

So, no I am not really upset with that, it’s his Her little “F.U.” shtick which can be used for a Dip stick up his personal outhole (sic) to see how full of it he she is. We know, check his Her eyes, if they aren’t brown he She is quart low.

No, what has me going WTF is he has a Ukrainian flag symbol there also.


This is the person who whined incessantly about the “Woke military of the Ukraine” which Beau noted back early in the middle of the war that “it was the Woke Military that was kicking the nuts off of the supposed manly man Russia military forces.

Seriously, does he She really think that anyone is going to believe for a second that he She has given up Figuratively fluffing his her sugar daddy Putin and the Loving community of Russian TV and the TASS?

More than anything, that alone would be enough for me to go have a couple of Gummies and then lay down with my above Fantasy. Only I would be troubled for the Wild Horses have to be in such close proximity to that toxic waste dump of a human being.

But it’s just a thought.

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