Tucker Carlson says he’s rooting for Russia against Ukraine

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Richard Nixon Foundation / YouTube

When did the GOP become a pro-Russia cult? Seriously, when?

These people are so mesmerized by Donald Trump’s surpassing charms they can’t resist upending decades of conservative orthodoxy for the chance to kiss the hand that grabs the p*ssies? Really?


I’m basically speechless. Or write-less. Whatevs.

Enjoy the wrong side of history, Tucker. Don’t forget to pick up doughnuts for the other Trumpian cult members.

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Frucker Carlson is a racist, white hood wearing bigot that doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air that the rest of us do. If he is so sympathetic to the motherland he should just take his little bowl of borscht and his rubles and leave this great republic that ensures the vile spew that comes out of his blow hole is a protected right. Bye bye numb nuts