Just hours after Joe Biden had gotten in front of the American people and announced that he was going to level with everybody about how the darkest days are yet to come, Donald Trump decided that he had to upstage Biden. So he took to Twitter with a video and savaged the details of the $900B stimulus bill, while holding out the carrot of a $2,000 stimulus check. What is flabbergasting about this, is that Trump was totally detached from the stimulus negotiations prior to last night. He was too busy focusing on his fruitless quest to overturn the election. But as a result of Trump’s Twitter video, two days before Christmas, we have a full blown legislative crisis, with real world deadlines that are going to put a lot of people in a world of hurt — not to mention that the government’s going to shut down on Monday. Chaos is Trump’s Christmas present to one and all. What else would you expect?

Now here’s a thought: the bill passed both chambers of congress with veto-proof majorities, so can Trump demand any changes at this point? I don’t know and I’m pretty sure it’s a case of first impression, like so many things Trumpian. Or, since Nancy Pelosi called his bluff and will put the increase to $2,000 up for a vote in the House today, can just the one figure be modified? That would be great, because Democrats have been asking for more stimulus check money all along.

It’s a rare day when Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi are pursuing the same goal. And it’s an exceedingly rare day when there’s this kind of tumult in Congress two days before Christmas. Meanwhile, Trump is kicking back in Mar-a-Lago contemplating his next election overturn gambit, whatever that might be. His upset with the stimulus bill was nothing more than a ploy to grandstand for the base and see how many GOP senators he can terrorize into getting on board for the political theatrics on January 6. That should be quite a show.


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  1. I couldnt care less what Trump does anymore, he is finished and everyone knows it. Let him shut it all down, less damage he can do….


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