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Get OUT of there! The call is coming from inside the house!   Old horror movie line

If this keeps up, watch for things to start going downhill quickly for   Der Fropinfuror. Yesterday there was the gonzo roll out introduction of Biden and Harris as a team. It seems that it was well received, but it was just the first step. Today came step two, and it did Trump no favors, in fact it hit him where he is most vulnerable.

Earlier this morning we got video of Biden and Harris, sitting socially distanced at a conference table, getting an economic and scientific update concerning the ravages of the coronavirus. And then about an hour ago, the two of them came out to say something about it. And Biden wasn’t dicking around. He came right out and called for a national mask order for the next three months, appealing to each Governor to put it in place. He then went on to offer the start of a plan to hire 100,000 contact tracers, fast 10 million test kits to where they’re needed the most, and hike production and distribution of the PPE’s that are still in short supply. Then Kamala Harris praised Biden for his leadership, and then went on the attack. She directly challenged Trump, and told people to hold Trump personally responsible for providing an actual specific date when vaccinations would begin, since he seems to have so much secret information on this shit.

I cannot tell you how damaging this is for Trump. Say what you want about Trump, but no matter how terrible he has been, for the last 3 1/2 years he has had a secret weapon. Sure, maybe lots of people started having buyers remorse by March, and wished they had voted cor Clinton instead, but what difference did that make. With the atrocities of Trump, the memories of what a well disciplined and oiled White House operation under Barack Obama were quickly lost in the haze. But for 3 1/2 years, Trump’s behavior has just been what it was, with no yardstick for comparison.

But that just changed, and hopefully for good. In less than 24 hours, the American people just got a double shot espresso jolt of what actual Presidential leadership looks like. A calm, confident, competent leader, laying out a comprehensive plan to deal with a national emergency, and reminding Americans that they don’t just have personal freedom, they also have personal responsibility to their fellow Americans. This followed up by a Vice Presidential candidate who reminds everybody that this is what leadership looks like, since they haven’t seen it in almost 4 years. And then challenges the current administration to step up to the plate.

And as bad as this sudden ability to contrast Trump’s performance is for Trump, it’s equally bad, if not worse for the vulnerable GOP incumbents in the Senate. democratic challengers can highlight Biden’s obvious competence when compared to Trump, and then highlight the slavish compliance of the incumbent to the current president for the last 4 years. They haven’t separated themselves from Trump yet, will they finally start to peel away in panic now?

When you look at polling, the top two sentiments expressed by voters for their motivations in the upcoming election are to get trump out of office, and for a return to normalcy. Well, for the first time in 4 years, people are getting the chance to see for themselves what normalcy looks, sounds, and feels like. And  if Biden and Harris can keep up this kind of a schedule going. Then by the middle of September, Trump may well be looking back on his impeachment as the good old days. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Joe & Kamala. Ernest. Honest. Steadfast. Intelligent. Able to lead. In touch with medical experts. They have a plan for the Covid nightmare. Contrast that with the moron-in-chief. Birtherism. Nancy Pelosi is crazy. AOC is stupid (let’s see your college transcripts Mr. paid somebody to take my SAT’s stable genius). It’s going to be like this everyday & they’ve got sense enough to hijack trump’s attempts to hijack the news cycle everyday too. The contrast will be apparent. Adults in the room versus blathering numpty. I don’t know who could be “undecided voters” at this point. What’s the decision? Do you want to survive?


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