Dear White House people: Just let him go golf already. It’s been a little more than two months since he hit the links and he’s losing it, just pinging all over the place this morning.

Is it a crisis or not? He just can’t decide.

It’s being built—but he has to have money! The caravans are coming—but we have troops! Meanwhile, he’s still obsessing over last spring when he wanted his other shutdown and then-House Speaker Paul Ryan wouldn’t let him have it. “Paul told me in the strongest of terms that, ‘please sign this and if you sign this we will get you that wall.’ Which is desperately needed by our country.” But then Paul reneged and Trump is now “very disappointed in Ryan.”

”But, Nancy! Paul told me I could have my wall! Why can’t I have my wall?”

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  1. Someone should put a webcam on the Mexican border that can be openly accessed, so that when Trump cries about thousands of illegal aliens invading, we can look at the webcam footage and see Jackrabbits and tumbleweeds.

  2. THIS sick fanatic obsession is a big problem someone should investigate why that obsession. He is losing it. We don’t need the F* wall WE HAVE THE MILITARY AND ANY OTHER group who wants to participate. And NO – STOP – NO NO NO THE wall IS NOT GOING TO PROTECT ANY USA BORDER AND ANYONE OR ANYTHING. why IS HE so fanatic about it?. IS EVERYONE GETTING NUTS? HERE IT IS A SCARY Story counted by someone WHO HAD TERRIBLE Experience with CBP. THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND WITH THIS CRAZY MAN. Is everyone else getting crazy ?? // Is her for real?? I really think he wants tothrwaway $5 to 7 billion just to build a stupid wall when they can use these billions in other things more important ??!!

  3. I believe it would be a good idea for Nancy & Chuck to make their own visit to the border, like drump did, but without the security beat up but with CNN, MSNBC etc. Actually show the ‘National Emergency’ up close.
    We’ve only seen drumps version of HIS reality.

    Take a picnic lunch with them, too.

    dRump would be fuming to see them take the limelight away from him.
    He took away Nancy’s travel plans to Afghanistan but he has zero power to take away her visit to his ‘failed border emergency’ broken promise.

    It would reinforce their legitimate claim of, NO NATIONAL EMERGENCY !
    Thus, stiffling any chance of captain-ego’s options.


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