Trump’s Top Russia NSC Expert Put On Leave, Escorted From White House

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This is certainly a curious development. Andrew Peek, who succeeded Fiona Hill and one other as the top Russia expert on the National Security Council was placed on administrative leave, pending a security-related investigation. Axios:

Driving the news: Peek had been expected to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week, where President Trump is expected to meet with a number of world leaders as the impeachment trial takes place back in the Senate.

Why it matters: Peek’s responsibilities at the NSC, and before that at the State Department, touch on a number of sensitive areas.

  • He joined the NSC in November after serving as a deputy assistant secretary at the State Department, where he focused on Iraq and Iran.

  • He previously served as a strategic adviser to now-retired Marine Gen. John Allen when Allen was commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Well, that gig didn’t last very long. He started in November and it’s the middle of January. Bloomberg is reporting that he was escorted from the White House grounds and usually that is an indicator of something serious.

Peek is the third person to have this job in the last year. He replaced Tim Morrison, who as you may recall, tesitifed at the House impeachment inquiry that Gordon Sondland told him about the quid pro quo of Ukraine’s aid delivery being conditioned on an investigation into Burisma. Morrison replaced Fiona Hill, then Peek replaced Morrison and who knows who’s going to replace him? The West Wing absolutely needs a revolving door, to keep out drafts, with this rate of turnover.


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Sedition. It’s one hell of a crime.