Trump’s Thanksgiving message to the people: Let’s have a government shutdown!

DonkeyHotey / Flickr Donald Trump Caricature...
DonkeyHotey / Flickr

In what must have been a huge relief to his family, the orange behemoth spent his Thanksgiving golfing and ranting and making threats, continuing right on through to Friday morning on, of course, Twitter.

It’s as if there wasn’t just an election in which his border wall obsession was massively rejected in a wave election of Democrats. Trump wants his wall, or maybe he just wants his shutdown.

“Could there be a shut down? There certainly could and it will be about border security, of which the wall is a part,” Trump told reporters in Palm Beach, Florida.

With a brand-new House majority on the way, and lame-duck Speaker Paul Ryan needing their votes, Democrats have absolutely nothing to fear from a shutdown. There’s plenty of deals they can demand here, starting with relief for DACA recipients and ending with a vote on legislation protecting the Mueller investigation in both chambers.

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