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This is what happens when Donald Trump’s brain farts in an airtight room and no one is allowed to open a window. You get screwed, while his wealthy friends skate by pretty much unscathed.

Today, The Wall Street Journal reported that the timely delivery of tax refunds could be imperiled this year because Trump just has to have his wall fence pointy steel posts queue of kebab skewers metaphor.

Via RawStory:

“A shutdown that gets resolved within a few weeks would have little ultimate effect on taxpayers, but lawmakers have made little or no movement toward a deal,” the Journal noted. “That stalemate raises the prospect of an unprecedented extended closure during the individual income-tax filing season, which typically starts in mid-to-late January.”

While the lack of refunds could affect early filers, it’s less likely to do so for those in higher tax brackets.

“Wealthier filers generally have more sophisticated returns and file later so they should not be affected as much,” Floyd Williams, a former senior IRS official, told the Journal. Lower-income filers, meanwhile, “[who] tend to file early in the season are taxpayers who count on large refunds to pay down debt, catch up on bills or make major purchases,” the report noted.

“We’re in uncharted territory as each day gets longer,” Mark Steber, chief tax officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc., told the newspaper.

Lower-income taxpayers may not have noticed the puny windfall they got from the tax scam, but they’ll sure as shit notice if their refund is late. And many have likely already spent/earmarked that money.

Will this be enough to shake the coal dust out of your typical Trump supporter’s head? Oh, probably not. Trump will find a way to pin this on Chuck Schumer or Hillary Clinton or Obama or James Mattis or Ted Cruz’s dad or Slenderman, and all will be status quo in TrumpWorld.

But, boy, will those of us in the sane community be pissed.


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