Today. at 2:30PM, At The Aero Center.1830 FlightLIne rd at ILM airport Wilmington ,NC.

Possibly deadly travesty will occur!

How on this green Earth, is Trump allowed to have a Political rally on  the property of the active  ILM Airport of Wilmington,North Carolina. This Airport serves Airlines and military Aviation,and Is the only Commercial Airport in South East North Carolina. It is owned and operated by New Hanover County, North Carolina,and Overseen by an Airport Board of County Commissioners.

However Airport Security for all public, and Commercial Airports ultimately lands with the Department of Homeland Security. Aviation safety is the Bailiwick of the Federal Aviation Authority.

This outrageous rally, is for Budd and Trump,which should not in a normal world,and a normal course of events, be problematic.

But, nothing to do with Trump is ever normal.Trumps MAGA supporters consist of insurrectionists, Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers, amid sundry other  believers in destroying American democracy. these groups are being currently, and have been prosecuted by the Federal Government for their parts in the January 6th armed Insurrection, at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

In the past they have committed murder in the vicinity of Trumps rallies.

They are known to viciously assault persons,who do not espouse their twisted,and violent, anti Constitutional ideals.

This rally is also taking place in a State that is known for the Political extremists to go openly armed in Public and armed with AR-15s to Political events. and the ordinary Rethugs, will have concealed weapons. Just think about weapons with a potential range of well over 1500 yards, Wielded by tRump nutbags, on a busy Airport. With tRump screaming insurrection, and sedition.

Trump supporters in South East North Carolina are known to to be among the most extreme of armed Trump extremists. They WILL go to Airport property Armed, with loaded weapons. They will leave jacked up, on a vengeful high, determined to right the Imaginary wrongs tRump has “suffered” this week!

In what possible mind set can this be regarded as an safe scenario in which a commercial Airport can operate. What is Homeland Security, The FAA, The FBI, the SBI, and the New Hanover Sheriffs office possibly thinking ?

 Or are they thinking at all?

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