When the House acted swiftly to impeach Donald Trump for a second time on Jan. 13, the actual Articles of Impeachment were shockingly brief. With just five pages, the first of which is completely taken up with the names of sponsors who signed onto the resolution, the gist of the single article is that Trump repeatedly issued false statements that inflamed the crowd and incited insurgents on Jan. 6. The statements cited in the resolution include Trump’s oft-repeated claim that “we won this election, and we won it by a landslide” and more aggressive statements like “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

Those statements, which Trump repeated at the rally he held shortly before the insurgents swarmed up the steps of the Capitol, may seem scant. And arguments over whether they are really incitement to violence may seem to allow Republicans a lot of wiggle room when it comes to their vote.

But the article is not everything that House members will be bringing to the Senate when they come for Trump’s trial on Feb. 8.

In addition to the article itself, there are considerably more detailed supporting documents. These documents don’t just cite the statements that Trump made on the morning of the assault on the Capitol, they cover the whole period following the election and show how Trump laid the groundwork for violence. That means that things like the phone call Trump made to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and tweets that Trump put out threatening any officials who got in his way, are fully covered.

The document also details events on Jan. 6, including statements by Rudy Giuliani urging the crowd to have “have trial by combat,” and Donald Trump, Jr. warning Congress that “we’re coming for you.” And it points out how, when Trump got up to speak, he called out specific legislators as targets for the crowd’s hate before falsely telling them that he was going to walk up Pennsylvania Ave. with them.

The document is far from comprehensive. It doesn’t contain a full list of the 62 legal actions filed by Trump’s team. It doesn’t cover all the changes Trump made at the Pentagon following the election. It doesn’t discuss the scheme to sub in a Devin Nunes aide as head of the CIA. It doesn’t cover Michael Flynn’s plan to implement “partial martial law” or DOJ attorney Jeffrey Clark’s scheme to use the Justice Department to interfere in counting the electoral vote.

But there is more than enough in the provided documents to show that the crowd that pushed through police to hunt hostages in the halls of Congress wasn’t just inflamed by a few offhand words Trump delivered on that Wednesday morning. The insurgency was the result of weeks of incitement and of planning by both Trump and other members of his team. It was neither spontaneous nor an accident. It was an attempted coup.

And members of a failed coup should expect to pay a price.

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  1. I feel so much disgust for everything these animals have gotten away with… if they remain free, we can seriously say goodbye to the country we have once known.

  2. 80% of those who voted for BIDEN were Republicans ,white ,Seniors ,young and educated !Only 20% were minorities ! Trump has used screwed and bankrupt everything he ever touched in his life !Republicans were next on the list !WIKIPEDIA w sources show if Trump could of filed another bankruptcy he would of never run for President !He stayed gone first two years cause he could not get out of bed ,nor read ! Review Trumps BEST WORDS to see evidence !Also no other American had ever been banned by Americas top 1000 financial institutions before being President and thousands more after ! 60% of the Republican Party are over 50 yrs old ! by 2024 Dems will have even larger lead to 10 to 12 million ! Republicans have lost their way !I voted Republican over 40 years never again and there are millions of us ! RVAT REPUBLICAN VOTER AGAINST Trump organization are fastest growing group in USA ! Congress and Senate are a sinking ship !Truth will always prevail !

  3. This is an atom bomb in a briefcase… How many of the people deciding the proceedings are themselves culpable, and do you think for a moment they don’t know it?

    This conspiracy runs through every corner of this government… in fact the last three members of the Supreme Court, need to know that they’ve been horribly compromised by this national disaster, and simply can’t perform their duties with any sense of moral or professional integrity. They’ve been forever tainted by Trump and McConnell.

    Cut out the cancer, root it out, every gram. Leave nothing, save the lingering scent of justice. Everything else needs to go.

  4. It’s a coup but Trump, Trump Jr. and Giuliani will never be convicted of treason unless the majority of Republicans turn against them. The Senate GOP is already making excuses for behavior that could have gotten them, but more probably Democrats and VP Pence killed. They allowed all this rhetoric, which they KNEW could incite violence! If Senators, Representatives, staff or the VP had indeed died, they would still defend Trump et al. They’re that corrupt!

  5. If Republicans in senate refuse to convict Trump for treason and sedition – because many of them are just as culpable – then a civil case should be brought against Trump for the same and against all members of congress who refused to impeach and convict, who obstructed the electoral vote count, who aided and abetted Trump over the last four years. All who aided and abetted Trump over the last four years and especially over the last several months need to be included in the civil case. If we do not hold each and every one accountable then they will come back and next time they may succeed in destroying our republic.

    • I believe the federal court could bring criminal charges against Trump and allies even if conviction in Senate fails. Trump broke laws and incited a coup. It’s obvious.

  6. That one idiot had a 6 foot spear. Of course I always carry my spear when I go to peaceful political rallies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that between spear idiot and let’s not forget the gallows. I know in the ensuing craziness someone ran over to Home Depot. With those timbers that structure would have weighed probably six hundred pounds. Not something you would just throw up.

    • As someone wrote in another article, why weren’t these people stopped from assembling? Where were the police? Something isn’t right!!!!! We’re going to find out. It was PLANNED by higher officials working with right wing groups.

  7. Nothing will happen to Trump at the Impeachment Trial. He has control of every Republican in Washington. He has everyone of them by the Balls. I can’t wait for NY to pick his ass up. Prison time Donnie prison time alooooooong time with the rest of your corrupt family


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