This makes complete sense. Read this statement from Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY.) But first read this tweet from Nicholas Grossman and between the two, you will have all the information that you need to have on why Donald Trump did what he did last night. And lo, all is revealed. The scales drop from our eyes and the clouds are parted.

And bear in mind, he had months to challenge or modify anything he wanted to in the bill, but his sense of justice towards the forgotten man was not outraged before. He didn’t care that people were dying right and left, let alone starving for lack of government assistance. But magically, Ivanka’s project gets dumped from the bill and Trump becomes the champion of the underdog. And one would say “at the eleventh hour” but for the fact that that hour had already passed, and so had the bill.

That’s it in a nutshell. The base now believes that Trump wants to take aid earmarked for those furriners and give it to ‘mericans instead, by golly. What a great guy. What good this will do for the runoffs in Georgia, we will see very soon. I can’t think that it will benefit Perdue and Loeffler to be running as part of the Republican establishment, when Trump is busy blowing that up right now. But then again, supposedly Trump is going to hold a “big rally” in Georgia on January 4 for the two of them. That was last week’s plan, who knows what will change this week. Ideas get walked back in the blink of an eye in Trump world, it’s enough to give the pushmi pullyou whiplash.

And then there’s this.

So Trump might end up shutting down the government by not signing the bill, but what’s that if Daddy’s little girl is avenged because McConnell and the GOP wouldn’t play ball? I think Jared is in Israel right now, another country with a government in breakdown, planting trees with Netanyahu. Not that it matters, just saying.


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  1. Defund defense, defund the government, while Russia hacks away. No surprise that the last minute computer glitch happened when we find out Russia is living in our digital government. The house has passed so many bills while Moscow Mitch shredded them. They now want us to believe that on the last days before the holiday, they will agree to a bipartisan bill to help Americans while Trump gums it up to pretend he wants more money in American’s pockets. This is the oldest con in the book. ‘We (the senate) can work with Dems, please give us those 2 Georgia seats.’ Trump- ‘I care America, please give me a chance to overthrow your government.’ He nor McConnell had no input in the 9 months of aid negotiations Pelosi endured with foul breathe condescending Mnuchin.

    • That’s what I’m saying. They should be looking for payback?? He also just freed the Murderers of their people!! Help out America Iran!

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