Trump’s press secretary claims he’s ‘working,’ but he can’t look away from hearings

Yes, I know. The most surprising part of that headline is that Donald Trump has a press secretary. We all know he’s not “working,” because, well, “work” for him means chewing extra-long on a piece of gristle. And there was no way he was going to miss a golden opportunity to dangerously elevate his blood pressure.

But here we go again. More Trump lies and gaslighting.

Yup, he’s tweeting and retweeting like the Galapagos vampire finch that he is.

All dispatches from the consensus reality community indicate that the testimony so far today has been devastating and, desperate to distract us, Trump has spent the morning throwing confetti into the air like Rip Taylor on MDMA and Pixy Stix.

He’s retweeted Steve Scalise twice since I sat down.

He retweeted Kevin McCarthy tweeting out Devin Nunes’ statement.

He retweeted McCarthy tweeting out McCarthy’s interview on Fox & Friends.

So, yeah, he’s “working” all right.

Must be Infrastructure Week again.

Stay tuned, folks. This could get crazy.


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Trump said on TV at his press conference with Turkey’s president that he didn’t watch the impeachment proceedings because entertaining the president was more important.