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In response to the twin sentencing statements for Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, the White House generated yet another completely unsurprising but also incredibly clueless and deeply disturbingly not-living-in-this-reality response.

“The government’s filings in Mr. Cohen’s case tell us nothing of value that wasn’t already known,” Sanders said in a statement. “Mr. Cohen has repeatedly lied and as the prosecution has pointed out to the court, Mr. Cohen is no hero.”

And then we had Trump’s own response:


After that, he came out in front of Marine One and again said there was “totally no collusion” in the statements and that the real person who got help from Russia was Hillary Clinton.

Via Rawstory.

“On the Mueller situation, we’re very happy with what we are reading because there was no collusion whatsoever,” Trump claimed. “There never has been. The last thing I wanted is help from Russia on a campaign.”

“You should ask Hillary Clinton about Russia, because she financed the fake dossier which I understand they tried to get some information and help from Russia,” Trump argued. “But you ought to ask them about that.”

“Very one-sided situation,” he complained.

“But i think it’s all turning around very nicely,” he said. “But as far as the report that we see — according to everybody I’ve spoken to, I have not read it — there’s absolutely no collusion, which is very important.”

Let’s just say it: That is totally completely batshit bonkers.  I said before that this dumb mother-fracker is completely deluded, but here we see yet again that it’s not just him because whoever he had do his reading of the documents for him completely buried the lede.

Mueller’s release stated that Manafort lied to them five times.

  • He lied about conveying messages to the Trump administration until February and May of 2018 while he was under indictment. [This is bad because it’s smacks of a conspiracy to lie to the FBI by people in the White House]
  • He lied about his interactions with GRU asset Konstantin Kilimnick, and Kilimnick’s attempts to obstruct justice by witness tampering, [This is COLLUSION with a Russian intelligence operative]
  • He lied about his travel records [Which could relate to allegations by the Guardian that Manafort had meetings with Julian Assange] including 18 trips to Moscow and 19 trips to Kiev. [Yet again, this is COLLUSION with the person who was releasing the emails about Hillary which had been stolen by — wait for it — Russian Intelligence.]
  • He lied about a wire transfer made by a firm working for him.
  • And he lied about information relevant to another DOJ investigation.

On the Cohen side, Mueller’s office said that what Cohen told them has been “credible and corroborated” in their investigation of Russia and Trump in four areas, including “details of the Moscow project and efforts to reach out to Russian nationals” which Trump was aware of [That’s collusion yet again].

  • Also that his lies to Congress about the Moscow project were “coordinated by the WH [which would explain why they recently interviewed John Kelly] and Trump’s attorneys [which could put Sekulow at risk for suborning perjury] and says he did it to “limit the investigation” [which Is obstruction again],
  • Cohen provided “useful information concerning certain discrete Russia-related matters core to [the SCO] investigation” because of his regular contact with TrumpCo personnel. [Collusion once more and this could very likely be Don Jr. and/or Ivanka both of whom worked with Cohen regularly. Ivanka was especially involved in the project as she had picked out the architect and had designed her own custom spa for it.]
  • And that as early as November of 2015 Russian agents reached out to the Trump organization for him to meet Putin in order to forge “political synergy.” [More collusion] “The person told Cohen that such a meeting could have a ‘phenomenal’ impact ‘not only in political but in a business dimension as well,’ [This appears to have been Russian Olympic wrestler Dmitry Klokov who was connected to Cohen by guess who?  Ivanka.  He had offered to help with the Moscow project, but Cohen turned him down saying he “had other arrangements”, which were through Felix Sater, as we know from the previous Meuller document Cohen and Felix kept working on this project together, even planning for Cohen to travel to St. Petersburg to meet either Putin or Medvedev right up until the day that the Washington Post revealed that the Russians had hacked the DNC.]
  • Mueller recommended that the court should give Cohen some consideration on his 0-6 month sentence for perjury.

However, SDNY filed their sentencing recommendation with the court saying that Michael Cohen “has not been fully cooperative” and should serve 51-61 months in prison because he wouldn’t answer questions about additional criminal conduct by his own friends and family. [This is probably about his wife and father-in-law’s involvement in their Taxi medallion schemes]

Despite what Trump says this has been a complete and total nuclear fuck firebomb!

Some examples:

And Rick Wilson did an epic takedown of Trump’s “fabulisim”

“OK, Rick, so there were a lot of tweets but they ended with this one: ‘Totally clears the president. Thank you.’ I mean, is he talking about Obama? Is he talking about Bush? I don’t know. But him?” asked Lemon.

“I’m not sure Individual-1 understands exactly how the law works,” Wilson said, referring to the president by the term used in the filings. “Because just wish-casting yourself and saying ‘Oh, I’m cleared now, it’s all good’ is, you know, Donald Trump fabulism writ large. This is a guy who clearly spent the day in a growing state of anxiety and rage. I mean this morning was some classic rage tweeting. And you’ve got to imagine they were trying to beat the door of the John down trying to get the guy out so he’d stop tweeting this morning.”
Lemon then showed a screen of 14 angry tweets from the president all sent Friday.
“This is not a well man, Don. This is a guy who honestly believes that he can change the fabric of reality and make the law go away by tweeting at it,” Wilson said. “There’s a lot of things today that are going to accrue in the assessment of Donald Trump including the fact for the first time the Department of Justice has said that Donald Trump asked his minion, Mike Cohen, to commit felonies. This is an ugly, bad, no-good day for Donald J. Trump.”

Trump and the #Cult45 seem to be operating under a particular narrow delusion that there’s “no collusion” If they don’t produce a written document that says that Trump personally signed in virgin’s blood on videotape agreed to end Russian sanctions in exchange for hacking Hillary’s emails so that he could enter the White House and then implement his $Billion Trump Tower Moscow project and go “Mwah hah hah” into the sunset — but we’re just not going to find that.  That would be an “orgy of evidence” as FBI Special Agent Danny Witwer from Minority Report would say. That’s not how conspiracies work, maybe that’s how it goes on an “unscripted” TV reality game shows or soap operas, but not in the real world.

Except we might find the letter of intent he signed for the Moscow Project, and we might find that although Michael Cohen didn’t accept Kolkov’s “synergy” offer he did accept an offer from the assistant to Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, for help on the project and then lied about that to Congress and lied about having updated Trump personally about that project and also apparently updating Don Jr. and Ivanka.

In the middle of that, you had Felix Sater emailing Michael Cohen about their new Trump Tower Moscow project saying:

I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected... I know how to play it and how to get this done. Buddy, our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it… I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”

But that deal was ILLEGAL because it was set up using a sanctioned Russian Bank, VTB, and also it would have been an illegal campaign donation from a foreign nation — otherwise known as a BRIBE — for Russia to agree to it while he was campaigning for the White House.  This means that Trump, Don Jr. and Ivanka along with Cohen where part of an illegal conspiracy to collude with Russia all the way up until June 2016 and they’ve all lied about it ever since.

You don’t have to connect Trump to the email hack — although he did that himself when he said “Russia, if you listening, if  you could find the missing 33,000 Hillary emails..” — because even without that you have the links to Felix Sater and Michael Cohen’s clumsy attempt to have sanctions lifted on Russia with their Ukrainian “Peace Deal” in early 2017, months after the election.

They were supposed to deliver that deal to Michael Flynn’s desk, but he’d already been fired for lying about telling Russian ambassador Kislyak that we would — wait for it — probably drop sanctions.

Meanwhile, Manafort was managing Papadopoulos running back and forth to Moscow where he was trying to set up yet another meeting between Trump and Putin, and he was the first one to hear about Russia hacking Hillary’s [DNC] emails.  But then he says he didn’t tell anyone in the campaign until he drunkenly blurts it out to an Australian diplomat who tells the FBI and there you have the start of the Russia investigation.

And while this is going on Manafort is trying to cut a deal with a Russia oligarch offering to give him inside information on the Trump campaign in exchange for dropping at $12 Million debt using  Russian intelligence agent Kilimnick as his go-between all at the same time that Trump’s late-night phone tag buddy Roger Stone Is using birther/swiftboater Jerome Corsi to talk to his friend Ted Malloch in London to get inside information from Julian Assange about what he’s going to release about Hillary next — then he’s emailing Steve Bannon about it and asks if he can get some donations from Brietbart’s Rebecca Mercer for his 501(c4) “Black Digital Campaign” in support of Trump.

But there was “No Collusion?” Like fucking hell.

Impeachment is too good for him.

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  1. None the less, all of tRump’s rage-tweeting could be part of setting the stage for an “insanity” defense against criminal prosecution. Delusional thinking surely is a component of that defense.


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