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Nothing to see here, just your neighborhood idiot trying to legalsplain things to the chief justice of the United States as part of his ongoing tirade against the authority and integrity of the judicial branch.

Trump is responding to a comment by Roberts in which he declared that we “do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” and that “that independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.” Because Trump has no interest in pretending at an independent judiciary and because, sigh, Donald Trump cannot possibly stand not responding to something that he perceives as even mild criticism of his pouting narcissistic idiot know-nothing man-child tantrumming foot-stomping self, Trump was, of course, going to turn it into his next “thing.” Of course.

And according to Trump, if you rule against Trump (which has been happening over and over again, and not just in his hated 9th Circuit, because his administration’s legal theories are as asinine as his takes-twenty-minutes-to-type-each-one tweets), you’re not “independent.” And you hate “security.” And are “dangerous.” Well, at least he’s not declaring federal judges the enemy of the people … yet.

Mind you, John Roberts has a vested interest in assuring the public that his Supreme Court is “independent” and not at all partisan, even as it guts a century of established law in service to the various whims of its hard-right members. He is a smart enough man to know that retaining at least a veneer of non-partisan independence is critical to the whole premise; he wasn’t criticizing Trump so much as playing his usual part of insisting that nothing the courts are doing is ideologically premised, even as recent archconservative appointees tick down the list of archconservative priorities in case after case.

Trump’s too much an idiot to even grasp that much, and so the tantrum begins. Oh, Roberts could very well end up being a deciding vote when it comes time for the Supreme Court to shield Donald Trump from the various things Trump has been accused of doing, or to throw him to the wolves and let Mike Pence take over, but it’s very likely Trump either doesn’t remember that or is too invested in his current snit to care.

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