Trump’s New York pastor says Trump never stepped through his church’s doors—’Not one time.’

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It’s no secret that the evangelical community’s support of Donald Trump has been a blow to their already tinsel-thin integrity. But Trump is an equal opportunity liar, and while he has made many of the moves that intolerant Christians like in a politician—allowing them to discriminate against Jews and Muslims for example—Trump enjoys blowing his “achievements” out of proportion. On Tuesday, probably remembering that Bible people seem to still have a relatively positive opinion of his presidency, Trump tweeted out some strange lie about how “numerous states” were “introducing Bible Literacy classes,” which in Trump’s estimation meant that America was “starting to make a turn back.”

It was met with the now standard public and professional bewilderment we have all come to experience any time our white supremacist in chief says or tweets anything. Bible study classes in public schools was never a thing in American history, so whatever turn Trump was referring to wasn’t towards America. New York City Pastor David Lewicki was particularly annoyed by the strange statement because in the mid 2000s Lewicki was the pastor at Marble Collegiate Church—Trump’s church at the time. Guess who didn’t have anything to do with Bible Studies?

Just in case any MAGA religious zealots were interested in trying to rationalize Pastor Lewicki’s tweet, he followed it up by saying this.

Message sent and received.

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Franklin Graham is an evangelical hypocrite; he supports Trump.