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Perhaps the only surprising thing about Donald Trump choosing Fox News mouth-haver Monica Crowley for an administration position was that it took this long. The Trump team has been trying to wedge Crowley into some government nook or crevice for years; he had her penciled her in as communications chief for his National Security Council before he was even sworn in, only to have it go south when Crowley was exposed as having plagiarized text in her doctoral thesis and in an anti-Obama book. Trump has never soured on her, though. Probably because of the racism.

Crowley is now Trump’s pick for the top communications job at the Treasury Department, surely a job in which the dodgy integrity of a spokesperson will never, ever be a problem. And in addition to her long, long history of peddling often-racist conspiracy theories against Barack Obama and other targets on Fox News, a new CNN report looks at the even more racist and conspiracy-addled things she wrote on her own blog during her time as a conservative pundit.

Nearly all of them revolve around attacks on then-president Barack Obama. Crowley peddled the notion that President Barack Obama being sworn in under his full name (as all presidents are) was suspicious, coupling it with his anti-torture stances to question whether his “sympathies” were with terrorism. She was enthusiastic in her peddling of numerous conspiracies suggesting Obama was secretly a Muslim and was in league with Islamic terrorists. In fact, many of the theories were extremely stupid.

But she was also an avid birther, of course, which is almost certainly the reason Trump has been so enamored of her. She supported Trump’s campaign to paint Obama as perhaps not really a true American citizen; Trump, an avid Fox News watcher (and that’s putting it lightly) no doubt put her among the first round of would-be administration hires for that reason and that reason alone.

We knew all this before, however. Crowley has not kept her conspiracy dabbling quiet in gigs on the Hannity or O’Reilly shows, or when asked to weigh in on other Fox programs.

She delivered to Fox News what Fox News viewers demanded: white conservative pundits stoking terror about refugees, delivering false and distorted information under the guise of asking “questions,” and challenging the very Americanness of the first non-white president.

What any of that has to do with the duties of the United States Treasury Department is entirely unclear. We can only assume Team Trump intends to make future economic briefings more racist and conspiracy-laced.

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  1. “Creepy Crawley” , has been a “know racist”
    “Fox” hound for years In the Russ Limpburger , mode
    . for years . So why would anyone surprised
    by their resorting to the (most Racist) person
    , next to Limpballs !!


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