Trump’s lawyer definitely does not want Trump’s written answers to Mueller released

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When Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani first heard about William Barr’s summary on the Russia probe, he was giddy. “It’s better than I expected,” he exclaimed, apparently delighting in the fact that his crooked client managed to evade justice.

Now Trump’s other lead lawyer on the Russia probe wants to make sure Trump’s written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller never see the light of day. “I’ve some strong opinions about that,” Jay Sekulow told CNN Monday, calling the answers “confidential communications.”

“As a lawyer, you don’t waive privileges and you don’t waive investigative detail absent either a court order or an agreement between the parties,” he said. “And you’d have to weigh a lot of factors there on how that affects other presidencies,” Seklow added, noting that ultimately it would be a decision for Attorney General William Barr.

And so the cover-up continues. The American public hasn’t seen Mueller’s report, and now Barr will supposedly decide whether the public should have the written answers Trump gave to Mueller. For months, the special counsel and Trump’s lawyers went back and forth on the question of whether Mueller would be allowed to interview Trump. But since Trump can barely make it through an entire sentence without lying, his lawyers refused to let him sit for questioning, calling it a so-called perjury trap. Mueller appears to have chosen not to engage in a drawn-out court battle to get Trump into a chair where he would have almost surely asserted his Fifth Amendment rights. So Mueller was left with written answers from Trump that were just as surely lawyered to death. And now Sekulow is afraid that even those answers would be too damning for public consumption.

No wonder Giuliani was so tickled by Barr’s determination—it’s better than he expected!

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