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They’ve got to install a revolving door on the West Wing because there are more arrivals and departures taking place than at LAX. Trump aide John McEntee was hustled off the White House grounds so fast he didn’t have a chance to pick up his jacket a few days ago, yet now it looks like he’s coming back for a return engagement. Politico:

White House chief of staff John Kelly told aides during a Friday morning senior staff meeting that there are tentative discussions about finding a role for McEntee in the administration, according to a person familiar with the meeting. The person added that Kelly and others in the West Wing believe McEntee has been unfairly maligned in the media.

A second administration official and a person close to the White House confirmed that aides have talked about rehiring McEntee, though it’s unclear how advanced those discussions are.

The exact reasons for McEntee’s dismissal are still unclear, but multiple people familiar with the issue said it pertained to his propensity for high-dollar gambling, as The Washington Post reported Thursday night. The Post noted that the gambling wasn’t illegal, but there were concerns it made McEntee a potential security risk.


Now, when it comes to the gambling habit, well, that isn’t the kind of behavior you typically see in White House aides, since A) it makes the odds that the gambler is open to blackmail just the kind of odds said gambler would take in any bet (assuming he was betting on being blackmailed) and B) generally speaking, historically, White House aides have taken their positions and responsibilities more seriously than pretty much everyone working in Trump’s White House.

Of course, this Administration is long on recriminations, and short on repercussions (remember: McEntee was hired by the Trump campaign almost as he was being escorted off the White House grounds), so while the shock level here is pretty low, the disgust level remains high.

So, what’s the real story, do you suppose? His value to Trump is that he sings him Russian lullabies before bedtime or spanks him with a copy of Forbes, or what exactly?

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