As Sherlock Holmes used to say, The game is afoot! Sometime in the next hour or so, Trumpenfuror and Tubby the Ewok will waddle out on stage and announce which Democratic led cities will be the recipients of a contingent of little green men. After all, they’re getting such rave reviews in Portland, why not spread the love?

This is nothing but a cheap political stunt, and Trump himself admits it. It is a way for Trump to separate himself from Biden, and hammer one of his favorite themes. By sending unidentified federal storm troopers on loan from the DHSS, Trump is trying to portray himself as a law and order President.

There’s one problem with this line of thought. This has nothing to do with law and order. George Wallace portrayed himself as a law and order Governor. Bull Connor was a law and order sheriff. Why? Because they used legal arms of local law enforcement to carry out their brutality.  By using these anonymous, unidentified jack booted thugs to create unrest in cities so that they can look in charge putting down the unrest down, Trump is making a grave tactical error.

If I’m a GOP incumbent right now, especially a southern Senate incumbent, I’m scared shitless right now. For most of my adult life, the GOP has had a pap, standard response to every liberal or progressive idea that comes along. From gun background checks, to civil rights measures, every one of them was an attack on your personal freedom and constitutional rights! There favorite tactic to scare these simple minded buffoons is the one Trump is actually employing right now. They’re coming to get you! The little green men, in the black helicopters! They’ll take your guns, and ship you off to secret FEMA camps! And for generations, it has worked.

But there’s one fatal flaw in the strategy, and Trump is about to expose it. When the GOP uses this tactic, these poor denuded sots aren’t terrified of the Democrats. They’re terrified of the storm troopers, and the black helicopters, not a party. They are terrified of the specters of camo clad mystery men, and black helicopters. And in their minds, those things represent the ultimate villain. The Government!

And tight now, the government is Donald Trump and the Republicans. It has been drilled into their heads that the government who will send these mystery men to take your rights, and tight now that means Trump and his GOP minions.

The Democrats don’t need to stoop to the GOP’s silly hyperbole, but they do need to engage on this issue. Democratic Senate candidates in places like South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia need to remind voters that for as long as anyone can remember, it was always the GOP that was warning of the horrors of government infringement on personal and constitutional rights, and in reality it is the GOP themselves that have unleashed these forces on their own citizens. They might be in Chicago, Albuquerque and Portland right now, but they could just as easily be in Myrtle Beach, Atlanta and Charlotte tomorrow if the whim moves them.

Donald Trump has always been a political imbecile, but this is nothing short of malpractice. I will repeat this because it is so critical. These conspiracy wingnuts don’t give a shit about political parties. They are paranoid about their personal rights and freedoms, and it’s the government alone that can take those away from them. And right now that government is Donald Trump and the GOP. If the Democrats play this right, they can turn the GOP’s own paranoia peddling around on them in a big way. This is why I love irony so much.

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  1. Trump sends in the armed goons to quell peaceful protesters who have the 1st amendment on their side Fat head Bill Barr: “ Yes Mr President, I agree, let’s gather them up and make them disappear, forever”


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