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Today, President Donald J. Trump will travel to Canal Point, FL to tour Lake Okeechobee and the Herbert Hoover Dike. Because we do want to be reminded of Herbert Hoover when we think of Republican infrastructure projects.

A photo-op to rationalize the golf weekend in Florida for golf day 176, because it’s a National Emergency.

Some color from the event: the event was held at a site overlooking Lake Okeechobee. POTUS and around 15 people stood for several minutes around a sign that appeared to include a map of the project. Pool couldn’t hear the conversation.

After a few minutes, POTUS and the group walked closer to the water’s edge and looked out at the lake.

“Great project,” POTUS told reporters.

POTUS talked for several minutes about the project. He said Okeechobee has been a success but has had problems. Pointing to earthen walls along the dike, he said: “I’m looking at all of the walls and I’m saying …don’t forget our southern border.”…

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  1. To bad he didn’t fall in-ALL he does is hold campaign events and bullshit with NO substance while lying, swearing/ridiculing professional people who are actually working-he obsesses on himself and watches tv…176 days golfing-AT OUR EXPENSE he does zero work, refuses to read and makes up his own reality-you people who fawn over him-Wait for a true emergency an see what happens….


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