Trump’s Former Homeland Security Adviser says ‘We’re 10 Days Away From Hospitals Getting Creamed’


The White House apparently is out of control, as rumored, as a result of the coronavirus. Trump met with insurance company CEOs and the press wanted to ask questions about coronavirus, naturally. Stephanie Grisham would not allow it and screamed like a fishwife at reporters to get out of the room. Listen to this, you’ve never heard anything like it — not at the White House, you haven’t. In a barroom, maybe.

Now what is uncanny about this, is that Trump did make a statement on Capitol Hill a short while later. He assured reporters that if everybody just “stayed calm” the coronavirus would “go away. It’s really working out.” This directly contravenes the assessment of Trump’s former Homeland Security adviser, Tom Bossert, who says, “We are ten days away from the hospitals being creamed.” NBC News:

In an op-ed in The Washington Post published Monday, Bossert said that unless the U.S. closes schools, halts public gatherings and takes other steps to reduce community transmission, the country is headed for the sort of crisis Italy is now facing, with hospitals overwhelmed by elderly people in need of critical care.

“Simply put, as evidence of human-to-human transmission becomes clear in a community, officials must pull the trigger on aggressive interventions,” Bossert wrote. “Time matters. Two weeks of delay can mean the difference between success and failure. Public health experts learned this in 1918 when the Spanish flu killed 50 million to 100 million people around the globe. If we fail to take action, we will watch our health-care system be overwhelmed.”

In addition to that, the stock market rose in the morning hours, apparently hopeful of some actual leadership from this administration and then it fell back down again.

Wall Street rallied Tuesday morning before sinking back into the red, as sentiment waned that President Donald Trump would introduce a robust economic package in time to shore up the growing financial impact from the coronavirus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank to a loss of almost 100 points just hours after a surge of 945 points. That, in turn, came just one day after a historic rout that saw the blue-chip index drop by 2,013 points, the most ever.

While Trump said Monday he would be meeting with congressional Republicans on Tuesday to discuss a stimulus package, White House officials and analysts threw cold water on that idea, noting that there was no evidence such a plan had been floated.

Trump has hit the wall with the coronavirus crisis. There is no way he can lie his way out of this one. Soundbites and platitudes won’t work. He needs actual answers and he hasn’t got any. And if he thinks Mike Pence can perform legislative miracles, especially in the area of health, then he’s as stupid as the evangelical wingnuts that voted for the two of them. Honestly, it’s impossible to know whether it’s time to laugh or cry. I guess we’ll wait ten days and see how accurate Bossert’s prediction is, and see whether the stock exchange is even opening it’s doors.

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That maniac sounds like a prison guard. Repulsive, vile, disgusting. Eff her.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah, and on Easter Sunday we will wake up to a yard full of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Won’t it be nice.