Trump’s Ego, And His Record, Are Hurting His Reelection Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 23: U.S. President Donald Trump exits the White House while departing for Pittsburgh to speak at the annual Shale Insight Conference, on October 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. Earlier today President Trump announced that the U.S. would be lifting all sanctions imposed on Turkey in response to their invasion of northern Syria. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Not long ago, in writing an article on the Democratic primaries, I compared His Lowness to your six year old brother that wanted to hang around with you and your friends all the time. The night before the New Hampshire primary, Trump held a rally in New Hampshire. Friday night, the night before the Nevada caucuses, Trump is holding a rally in Nevada. He is to Democrats what that 7′ train of ass wipe was to his walking up the steps of Air Force One. A joke in bad taste.

There is a reason why Trump is reduced to following the Democrats around like the guy with the broom and shovel that follows the elephant in a circus parade.Due to Trump’s total lack of ability to take either a joke or a poke, Republican state committee after committee is canceling their GOP primaries for the presidential slot this year.As long as there is opposition to Glorious Bleater on the GOP ballot, there will be no presidential primary ballots this year.

Which is funny, because Trump had the time of his life on the debate stage in 2016. Believe me, I know, I covered every goddamn one, main stage and kiddie table. It was like being a hurricane hunter, I’d get up there. fly headfirst into that maelstrom of high speed bullshit, and just pray to get out the other side alive. Eh, it’s a living. Trump was, true to his character, a pig in slop. He got to interrupt everybody, insult the moderators and non p-resent enemies, give everybody insulting nicknames, it was like reliving his 40th birthday party. But Trump can’t do that this time, and it’s actually hurting his reelection bid. Here’s why.

Let’s just look at New Hampshire and Nevada. In New Hampshire, the Democrats held a high stakes, high viewer debate on Wednesday. On Tuesday, they got national all day coverage of the primary and the vote results. Trump’s Friday night rally in New Hampshire? It got covered live on FOX News, at best. Tomorrow night there’s another high stakes debate in Las Vegas, presumably featuring the other big mouth New York billionaire asshole who wants to be president. Viewership is expected to be high, especially if Bloomberg shows up to get stomped on. On Saturday, there will be wall to wall coverage of the caucus, and the results late Saturday evening. Trump’s Friday rally in Nevada? Live coverage on FOX Mews, at best.

It’s insane when you think about it. Trump should be relishing the thought of getting up on a stage somewhere and whacking Bill Weld and Joe Walsh (no. not that Joe Walsh around for a couple of hours. And as a presidential primary debate, it would qualify for a national audience by a network hosting the debate. But for Trump’s ego, it’s bad enough having Democrats play whack-a-mole with him, to let Republicans do it would be intolerable.

But there’s another reason why Trump’s handlers won’t let him engage in -primary debates. Because they can’t! When Trump ran in 2016, he was a klown kar candidate, a pompous buffoon that nobody took seriously until it was too late. This time around, His Lowness has a pathetic three year record of abject failure, as well as being the first president in history to have a member of his own goddamn party vote to convict him at impeachment. Republicans would tune in to watch Trump in any debates, and the last thing he can afford is to have opponents from his own party trashing him to his own base. Even those nebbishes have a limit as to what they’ll swallow.

So, it’s gunny when you think about it. Donald Trump is the premier media whore of all time, he’d push a fireman out of the way to make it look like he rescued that kitten from the tree. And yet, when presented with a golden opportunity for nationwide free air time, and at the perfect time to offset all of the attention the Democrats are getting, he can’t take advantage of it. Because he’s a weak, pathetic loser. God, I love it when a fairy tale has a happy ending!

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I think that if the states don’t allow a rethug primary that they should have some kind of penalty because they are depriving that side of the vote. I don’t know, just saying. He’s trying to use the same old schtick from the last election to get the same results. Grumpfy fatigue has set in and people are tired of it

Well he thought stalking Hillary was great when they were in their debate. He snuck up behind her and circled around like the hyena he is. It just supports, he is a bully and bullies are generally cowards. He is good at bullying (abusing, slandering, name calling) women. The best part of this is the women will take him down. Someone recently said he cowers when a man faces him and looks him in the eye. putin has to look up at him and it appears donnie still cowers and does what he is told. He is. Ot fit to… Read more »

If I was a Republican voter I’d really be angry that there was no primary challenger. There’s Republicans that are not impressed with the trump shitshow that would vote for someone sensible instead of having the thing forced upon them again. There was something on twitter a few weeks back about when people left the trump Republican party and for some it was Gold Star families, others the Helsinki/Putin love fest debacle, for others, the kids in cages. Republicans are not all evil people. Too bad they don’t get a choice this time around.