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No amount of disavowal or distracting disinformation will overcome what will come this week, but we’ll see, since POTUS* is trying to blame the targets of the attacks for causing them, people criticizing Trump while using their speech rights, people worshiping while Jewish, and people shopping while black

14 bombs sent to people opposing Trump

11 people gunned down in #Pittsburgh

2 black people executed while shopping

On Twitter, considerable troll-bot time is being spent manufacturing disinformation about disinformation, something that could be referred to as meta-disinformation. Cognitive dissonance should be on the rise.

We’ll see a lot of it this coming week, as there are palpable benchmarks: the worst antisemitic attack in US history is the lead and Trump cannot detach its meaning from his actions. Look for a Jarvanka media offensive soon, and perhaps we’ll actually have video of actual Honduran members of ISIS.

(CNN)Consider the past week in America.

Wednesday, a white man with a history of violence shot and killed two African-Americans, seemingly at random, at a Kentucky Kroger store following a failed attempt to barge into a black church.
After mail bombs were being sent to people who’d been criticized by the President, a suspect was arrested Friday — a man who had railed against Democrats and minorities with hate-filled messages online.
And Saturday morning, a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 people attending Jewish services.
Those three incidents in 72 hours shared one thing: hate.


Orrin Hatch’s doppelganger

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