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If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch Peter Navarro being interviewed by Jake Tapper.  If this wasn’t such a serious problem it would be comical. Navarro was there in front of the White House trying to shade Jake Tapper – I must interject here that I do not like Navarro – He’s definitely a liar and fits right in with Trump. Anyway, Tapper was trying to get out of him why Trump withheld vital information on COVID 19.

Navarro was there blowing about memos and the incredible job Trump did and is doing, while refusing to answer Tapper. He finally cut away while Navarro was still blathering his bullshit and went back to the studio.

At this point, Tapper took a moment to give these statistics: We are right at 20% of the world’s deaths on COVID and have less than 5% of the world’s population. That is both sad and staggering. Especially when Trump knew and actually didn’t do anything. He kept (and continues!!) to hold rallies knowing the virus was airborne, and on top of that, went to his clubs and played golf instead of doing one damn thing!!. And this clown thinks he deserves another chance to find some other killer disease to unleash on us.

Now, after seeing this crap one would think that would be all. But not in Trump’s world. I was able to just click on another story extolling the virtues of Trump. Yes, he had a rally in North Carolina at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem.  I have been to North Carolina and it’s a very nice place. Would sometime like to go back. That is if it’s still there.

As usual, Trump claimed that there were 15,000 people there. I doubt it but what I did see was people standing shoulder to shoulder with very few masks. One thing is for certain:  If I visit in the near future there will be fewer people around.

As can be expected, Trump is trying to pin the blame on anyone but himself. He’s claiming it’s all just political maneuvering. He’s trying to claim it’s time to put the virus and all that goes with it behind us and move on. This is while it’s causing 40,000 cases a day with around 1,000 fatalities every day. I am just a dumb country boy but even I can see we have a problem.

Well, in my personal opinion, we actually have two problems; COVID 19 and a loose cannon that’s trying to cover it up!   I have kitty cats. Trump reminds me of my cats when they are trying to cover up their business. Oh, they dig like hell but it never suits them till they get mad and storm off. Remind you of anybody?

Trump claims that all this should stop because everyone needs to get back to work. He says there is a record number of jobs. There’s not. There are actually fewer jobs now than when he took office. He was whining about the way the press treats him and that the states all should be open. What he should be doing is seeing that the people fighting on the frontline have everything they need. I brought this up in a previous article but if he wants to reuse tired old rhetoric to soothe his ego I should be able to throw some facts. The doctors and nurses are still in desperate need of PPE’s. That’s masks, gowns both regular and special use, and gloves. This is a pandemic and our president is out holding rallies and denigrating Joe Biden for following scientific guidance.

Now in that same article, they had some interesting statistics. The Center For Health Economics and Policy Studies at San Diego State University. Came out with a study that said that the Sturgis Motorcycle rally not only infected thousands but will potentially cost more than 12 billion in healthcare costs. Not bad for a week in the country.

I wonder what Trump will do for an encore?


  1. This is great Daily Sound and Fury…”‘Trump reminds me of my cats when they are trying to cover up their business. Oh, they dig like hell but it never suits them till they get mad and storm off'”.

  2. Trump reminds me of cats too, only he’s the poop and his cabinet/party are the stinking litter… Least they could do is deodorize.


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