Trump’s contempt for military service spurs massive outrage on Twitter

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The entirely believable reports that Donald Trump called fallen and captured military service members “losers” have spurred an intense reaction from veterans and their family members on Twitter. One viral tweet from former “unapologetic, red-hat wearing” Trump supporter David Weissman called on veterans to change their profile pictures to pictures of themselves in uniform.

Weissman’s tweet drew a strong response, with people changing their profile pictures not only to themselves but to family members lost in combat and, in a striking number of cases, lost to cancers they attributed to Agent Orange and other chemicals or radiation they were exposed to during their time in service. The message was unified: These are not losers. And the same message of outrage came from other veterans, as well.

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Remember, “I like soldiers who don’t get captured.”

I like criminal President Bonespurs who will get captured — and rot in prison.