Trump’s campaign tries to clean up his foreign dirt comments a little, but he’s not helping

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When it comes to accepting election help from foreign governments and reporting it (or not) to the FBI, there’s what Donald Trump says and what his campaign says. Trump’s campaign is trying to clean up what he said, without looking like they’re contradicting him—not an easy job.

That difficult task is how you get campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany saying that “The president’s directive, as he said, [it’s] a case by case basis. He said he would likely do both: Listen to what they have to say, but also report it to the FBI.” What Trump said was that “there isn’t anything wrong with listening” and “If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI. If I thought there was something wrong.” So he’d “maybe” go to the FBI, but also, the FBI director is “wrong” in saying such instances should definitely be reported to the FBI.

Trump made the circumstances of his “maybe” calling the FBI a little more clear on Fox & Friends Friday morning, saying “if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated I’d report to the FBI or law enforcement, absolutely.” That sounds an awful lot like Trump saying he’d call the FBI to narc on a foreign country he thought was attempting to pass him worthless information, as if the FBI’s job is to investigate Russia for being insufficiently helpful to the Trump campaign, not Trump saying he’d call the FBI because foreign efforts to influence U.S. elections are a bad thing and should be stopped.

Trump has made it absolutely clear that he welcomes any foreign governments that want to help him win in 2020. It’s all too likely that some of them will try to oblige.

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico

The law states “if you accept information from foreign sources “as (help) , you are breaking the law , let alone read it . It must be turned over to the FBI .