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The Trump campaign isn’t just racist as fuck; it’s shameless as fuck, too, taking out Facebook ads trying to win over Latino voters in Texas less than 48 hours after the anti-Latino terror attack Trump helped fuel with his white supremacist rhetoric, The Guardian finds. 

“’¡Únete ya!’ (‘Join now!’) the video ad declared, before displaying footage of two smiling fans holding a sign with the slogan, ‘LATINOS FOR TRUMP/FUND THE WALL TOUR 2019/EL PASO, TX.’” The Guardian found the Trump campaign has run at least 66 of these sort of ads since the attack that killed 22 in El Paso.

But as a shameless Trump campaign tried to win over a couple Latinos on Monday, a shameless Trump campaign also began running new ads that same day attacking “illegal aliens” and Latina Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The “unapologetic” campaign also refused to stop using the same “invasion” rhetoric echoed by the white supremacist terrorist. Can’t risk losing that base, after all.

The Trump campaign also ran the ads both attacking and trying to attract Latinos as ICE carried out raids in Mississippi that swept up nearly 700 workers, separated families, and left behind weeping children. Following the raids, more than 200 kids skipped school, likely terrified that their families could also be disappeared while they were away. The administration also made the decision to carry out these raids as Latinos were mourning the dead in El Paso.

Both the pro- and the anti-Latino ads are offensive, but remember, there are really two guilty parties here. The Trump campaign is refusing to stop using the same kind of white supremacist rhetoric that led to the white supremacist attack in El Paso, and Facebook seems to have no problem running these racist ads. Is that blood money really all worth it, guys?

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