Trump’s bizzaro claim that doctors left operating rooms shows more borderline psychosis.

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Trump measures his self worth by crowd size. Crowd size is his Freudian cigar.

When I heard his claim doctors left operating rooms to see him I knew he was lost in his bizarro world of self-aggrandizing borderline psychosis:

THE PRESIDENT: And nobody wrote that. Nobody wrote that because you didn’t write the truth. The New York Times doesn’t like to write the truth. But — but they love — they totally love our country and they do love our President.

So when I went to Dayton, and when I went to El Paso, and I went into those hospitals, the love for me — and me, maybe, as a representative of the country — but for me — and my love for them was unparalleled. These are incredible people. But if you read the papers, it was like nobody would meet with me.

Q What did they tell you that they want in terms of gun laws?

(Of course Trump ignored or didn’t hear the question about what the hospital staff told him about what they thought about gun laws, and he went on with his most outrageous claim….)

THE PRESIDENT: Not only did they meet with me, they were pouring out of the room. The doctors were coming out of the operating rooms. There were hundreds and hundreds of people all over the floor. You couldn’t even walk on it. So, you know, there’s a lot to happen.

When I heard this I wonder if the hospitals would let this lie stand. They didn’t.


Trump obviously and quite delusionally thought he’d be embraced as a beloved, even worshipped monarch, and the healer-in-chief when he visited the hospitals in Dayton and ElPaso.

When he wasn’t, and when the cool reception he received was reported, along with the story of the baby brought back as a prop and the photo of him visiting a sick child who wasn’t injured in the shooting provided further proof that even sending Melania in her “I really don’t care” jacket  would have been a better P.R. tactic. In fact, the message on his modified jacket is emblematic of Trump’s personality and the entire Trump administration.

The hospital visits were replays of the inauguration size humiliation.

So there’s the president an ego the size of Greenland and the personality just as cold and barren triggering images of surgeons dropping their scalpels and hurriedly clamping off any blood vessels, peeling off their surgical gloves and dosing them onto the floor as they rushed from their operating rooms to meet the new Messiah.

Of course, there’s no way Trump would even know if doctors left operating rooms since they wouldn’t be in the part of the hospital he was visiting. Trump is so desperate to cast himself as the leader beloved by the masses that in his fantasy mind he thought the most dramatic proof of his wonderfulness would be the image of doctors leaving patients on the operating table for the once in a lifetime to be in the presence of the (choose one or more) beloved leader, King of Israel, Chosen One, Second Coming of Christ.

Recommended viewing. If you missed this segment on Lawrence O’Donnell it is nine minutes well worth your time.

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So sad

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Yes , you dumb shit , hundreds of people were laying on the floor ,because they were out of beds . And you probably did step on them . Their screaming was not in support of you !